Friday, September 9, 2011

9-11 project update

I have two classes working on the project and three wonderfully artistic and responsible girls in my 4th period study hall who are taking my ideas, suggestions and materials and running with them for the collage.
They will complete the display tomorrow.

I would still like to hear your thoughts and reactions to that day or anything else I mentioned in my previous post.

We have to commemorate it the day after at school and it will be simply done over the loud speaker.  Our channel one news for kids will have a segment on it, so that will give kids visual footage.  The collage of photos, poems, song lyrics, etc. will be in the display case in the lobby.

My advanced junior English class has an interview assignment due Monday where they interview someone 25 years or older about that day.  We as a class came up with questions with some additions from me.

Some kids are quite blase' about that day, but most are responsive to discussion about it and assignments on it.  I keep in mind that some were as young as 4.
I think a lot of them don't have a clue as to the seriousness of that day and the lasting effect on our country and that's one reason why I won't ignore it.  English class is the perfect class for it.

Off to bed.  Thanks for any comments, suggestions, or encouragement.  I hope to have photos for you.


  1. sounds like you have some good helping hands.

  2. On that day we were working on a magazine photo shoot at a home where the homeowner had no television. One of the editors' husbands called with the news of the towers...we didn't know what else to do so we kept on working...seemed to be the most constructive thing to do while we waited for the powers-to-be to tell us what comes next. We stayed tuned by listening to the radio...good when you need to be working and have no television.

  3. Glad you have the kids working on this project. I hope it makes an impression on what this day meant to our country.

  4. the 9/11....i remember sawing it on tv and i was shocked....
    and to still those things happens a lot, only you don't hear that so much, in the more poor countries....i wish those things will stop and that people realize what they are is so useless....
    i hope that your project impress the kids and i hope that they will let the sun shine in them heart [ is difficult to express myself....] well, let keep the lights shine!

  5. One of my thoughts re: kids who were young at that time is that they are so used to seeing things on video, DVD, iphones, and other digital equipment that it's not "real"... it's a movie or story and if they didn't see it in person or know someone who lost a family member or friend, their emotions are just minor elements. I watch some of that with my g-kids... not just 9/11 but local serious events, such as murders or home invasions, and there isn't the seriousness held in their hearts.

    SO doing what you are may well plant pics in their hearts and minds and touch them with interview info.

    In spite of the fact that I knew next to nothing/no one connected directly with that horrific event, I was hit with a serious depression about 2 weeks later and had to go up to Lake Superior to just have a God-time to bring healing. If that would happen to me, it could happen to just about anyone.

    Sorry if this is too long, but, oh, well, you obviously hit my "self."

  6. Thinking of you at this time.

  7. Well done, Beth! I appreciate your determination to get the project done, and I hope your school appreciates what you and your students have put together. We must never forget!


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