Monday, September 19, 2011

My Victorian Dream House

For those pics not already enlarged, simply click on them to enlarge them.

I grew up in a Victorian parsonage house across the street
from this house.
I grew up loving this house.

Every time I would go by in these past two years,
I would think
or say to Mike if we were together
that I wish this house would come up for sale.

Then one day I was driving back from a grandma/granddaughter shopping day,
and I saw the sign.
It was not there that morning when we left.

I cried out, "My house is for sale!  My house is for sale!"
I jarred Peyton awake from her nap.
"Grandma, what's wrong?"

Then I explained about this house
and how I dreamed of owning it one day.

I called the realtor when we arrived at my home
and set up an appt. for Labor Day; (it was the Sat. of that weekend.)

These windows are in the third floor
attic which is huge and tall and full of
This top window is high up on the front wall of the attic and there is no way to get to it.
But I told Mike I'd have to be able to look out of it and he said he'd have to build me a ladder.
 The porch is off the master bedroom
and a huge front upstairs foyer.
This is the front porch complete with
 This is an outside view of the stained
glass window on the landing of the staircase.  The other windows are:
upstairs bedrooms and another attic window.
This is part of the foyer.  I posted a close-up of the oval stained glass window in a previous post.
 And----This is the staircase that I've shown before.  The door opens into the dining room then into the kitchen.
This is the family room.  Behind the fireplace is a half-bath and laundry room.
 This is another view of this room---I had to show off the piano.

This is the side door that comes into the family room.  Note the leaded glass.

This is the dining room with a built-in china closet.

A view of the front parlor from the family room.

Looking into the hallway and up the staircase from the parlor or living room.

We had some fun figuring out this window.  We were on the back kitchen steps and could not figure out what we were looking at.  It turned out to be the pantry.
 Beautiful wood throughout.
Then we all three (Mike, the realtor, and I) halted abruptly when we came to the kitchen . It's not added on ---it's on the original foundation and it just---
doesn't -- fit.

 A view of the roof line of the back mudroom.
 Looking up North Chestnut Street-- one of the two main ways into and out of Barnesville.

 This is the other side of the street.
This is looking toward town.  The big funeral home is catty-corner from this house.

The stained glass windows are in the walk-in closet of my old room in the parsonage.
(For those of you not familiar with the word parsonage:
it is a parson's or minister's house and is owned by the church.)

My parents room is to the right.  My front windows are to the left.
My Grandpa Jarvis built in a vanity area for me under those beautiful windows.

The roof line is all messed up. 
When "they" (a committee) had the roof replaced,
they had the attic windows covered up
 and all the beautiful Victorian angles were removed.
It sickened me when I saw it and realized what had happened.

My dream house is directly across the street.

Someone else occupies the parsonage.

As for my dream house---right now it's a "No."
I will tell you the rest tomorrow.
(Hint: Though they have kept the woodwork and such looking good,
they have been negligent.)

I must go to bed.
Blessings and goodnight.


  1. It is just gorgeous! (except for the kitchen) I wish it was a yes this time.

  2. What a wonderful Victorian home. They are my favorite kind with so much personality in their nooks and crannies.

  3. such beautiful character in these old homes... too bad they are so expensive to keep up. we have many beautiful homes from the early 1900's in our town, and most of the folks i've spoken to who live in them say they are SO much work (partly because they are wood and termites are such a problem in florida.)

    i hope your dreams can come true in some other way for you...

  4. thanks for the tour :-)
    it is a lovely house.
    there were those in my growing up in the midwest that i also liked.
    out in the west here, there are not so many.

  5. I have a heart for homes like that, too. Part of me always wants one; part of me always wonders how much extra housework I'd have to do just to keep things moving along. [I keep forgetting that if I was "financially sturdy" enough to have one of those houses, I could probably hire someone to help me clean, but my brain doesn't usually go that direction.]

  6. Beautiful home, Beth! I think the outside is even prettier than the inside. Wish it would work out for you!

  7. It truly is a dream house Beth. They really knew how to build beautiful homes in those days - such attention to detail; such skilled craftsmanship. I don't blame you for falling in love with it.
    Waiting to hear the rest of the story!

  8. A beautiful house and home - I particularly liked the piano and the pretty outside paintwork and porch. All the best, Beth!

  9. Hope there is another victorian house in the cards for you!

  10. Oh, wow, I enjoyed this post...what a home!

  11. Hej.
    Fandt din flotte blog hos en af mine amerikanske blogvenner.
    Flot blog du har.
    Kan læse at du er bedste - jeg har selv børnebørn.
    Måske har du lyst til at se min blog.
    Ønsker dig en god dag.
    Knus Hanne Bente


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