Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Corner View: Iconic

Laying on its side, it may not look familiar, but I like the wood grain against wood grain effect.

Upright it's more recognisable: a chalice---a cup for communion--the symbolic act
of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us humans.  It's an iconic symbol to many all over the world.

This was brought from Israel.  It's beautifully carved.
It was my father's and I cherish it even more
because my father was a devoted minister
who reached out in love to so many.
To many the cup of wine representing Christ's blood is
representative of Christ's love to the point of sacrifice on the cross, 
so that we might live.
Iconic sustenance.

For more iconic views, check out Fuoriborgo.


  1. This chalice is not only beautiful and symbolic, but very meaningful. The details are amazing. xo

    P.S. Beth I'm not sure if it is only me, but I tried clicking on your name and link on Francesca's comments and it kept showing your blog didn't exist. I was able to get to your blog via google reader. Again it could just be me. xo

  2. Your father's chalice is more than just iconic.

  3. I messed up the link at Fuoriborgo. Hopefully it's fixed now.

  4. i see a star and palm leaves in the design.

  5. Not only lovely meaning and memories, but lovely workmanship as well!

  6. I think that's one of the most beautiful communion chalices I've ever seen. So glad you have it to remember your dad.

  7. I was brought up to be a decent Catholic girl, but just didn't take to it. So the church and I parted as soon as I could. (I had to write a couple of letters to the bishop in charge ;-)

    I remember the chalices though, and I don't think I've ever seen one so beautifully designed and yet humble as this one.

    What's more, it reminds you of your dad, who was a minister. That in itself makes it truly iconic - of your father.


  8. not much of a devoute gal myself either, but I totally love church imagery.

    gorgeous object and precious memories for you.


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