Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barn Charm #16 Southeast Ohio

Outside of the little village of Sarahsville,
which is a hop, skip, and a jump from my high school,
is a small building filled with antiques.

My hairdresser built it for her salon.
She and her family used to live up the hill,
but they sold the house
and restored a small Victorian in 'town'.

However they kept most of the land for their horses
and of course the salon building
and  most importantly:
the BARN.

She had closed down for several years,
but recently reopened.
She does my hair the best, so I'm back with her.

All the time I went to her before, I didn't pay much attention to the barn.
But now, my viewpoint has been changed--thanks to Tricia and you other barn lovers!
So my camera and I went exploring.

This if officially the front of the barn.
As you can see, it is built into the hillside.
Many barns in hilly southeastern Ohio are built this way.

We park our cars here.

The barn is very much in use as
shown by these two rooms,
which you enter in the lower front part.
You can see through to the back thanks to a huge gap on that side of the barn.

There is this huge gap where you can peer in from the top side.
She told me that there is a wonderful loft.
(It was closing time, so I didn't ask to see that.)

I am intriqued by 'weather vanes' and I think this one is especially cool.

These are views from the back side that faces the hilly fields where the horses graze.
And last but not least: the inhabitants of the barn--well two out of three of them.

I'm so glad my eyes have been reopened to the beauty that lies around me.
I always admired barns, but never thought to photograph them.

I didn't think to photograph at all, really.
Now, the camera has given me a renewed awareness and appreciation for
all that surrounds me.

For more barns,
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  1. What a nice big barn! I like the way you can get into the loft, thanks to the ramp and your hills!
    I liked what you said about having your eyes opened to the beauty around you. I feel the same. I now notice so many more beautiful things, thanks to my camera!

  2. You were so fortunate to know the owner of the barn. That way you were able to get inside and all around and about it to take these fabulous shots. This is a really special collection because we the viewers get to see that unusual barn inside and out. Love the way it is built into the hillside. That is like our house. We abut the hillside, too, in the back. Love the post. Kudos to you. genie

  3. It's great for us to get to see inside this big beauty. Really gives a feeling for the barn. Love the sloping green roof.

  4. O like the way the barn is built into the hill. I guess that might keep the barn warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

  5. interesting the way it's built into the the weather vane too!

  6. This is the 1st barn I've seen built into the hillside... Others have posted Ohio barns before, but not any like this. WoW! It's pretty big, too. Glad you shot this one & shared it w/ us on Barn Charm, Beth, very much appreciated!!! =)

  7. This is beautiful and I like the color too. And the inside is pretty much in use but I won't mind exploring the inside who knows there might be something there that is worth buying and keeping, lol! ^_^

    The Barn

  8. What a neat barn, Beth... Glad you got the 'up-close-and-personal' tour of it.... Love it!!!!

    Yes, there is beauty all around us ---even the old barns.

  9. Wow, it's cool that you could get up close and take lots of pictures. I love the weather vane.

  10. You might say this is an earth contact barn. Very interesting! I like the weather vane, too.

  11. These cameras have a way of opening our eyes to new wonders every day, don't they?!

  12. I like all these views...sounds like a wonderful place to go get your hair done if you get to see this.

  13. What a great barn! I love the green ones

  14. I know what you mean - my lens is my better eye! :)

  15. I want to get my hair cut there, too!

  16. Nice shots. :-)

    I like how it's built into the hillside. I assume due to weather related reasons?

    Barn Charm 58


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