Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Corner View:Dream

 What is one of my biggest dreams?
To have a studio room all to myself.
It will be planned out and have nooks and crannies,
a big window with oodles of light and a lovely view,
an artist's desk,
a soft, cozy spot to snuggle up under a lap blanket and dream,
and of course all my collection of materials---
brushes, paints, sequins, pens, special paper, scrapbooks,
and on and on.
They are all downstairs piled and stuffed into a dark section of the basement
patiently waiting a new home.

The pictures are of some wonderful studios,
any of which I'd consider myself highly blessed to have.

I have this desk, disassembled and piled in the garage.

I love bulletin boards and consider this huge one a dream.

These feature another woman's dream.

These are just two versions of a smaller craft studio area.

Scruffy had to get involved. 
As soon as I laid out open the books to photograph,
she sprawled on top of them.
I scooted her aside,
but then she ended up sleeping close by.
The smaller craft areas were taken from the above books.
The studios were from the book below.

As we head into another winter here in this tiny home,
Mike and I are getting a clearer picture of what we want in our future home.

He understands my need for a studio.

I understand his need for a man-cave.
It will be in the basement and the walls will be soundproof.
That way he can watch a football game or blast ACDC on the radio
and I won't be disturbed.
It will be warm and comfortable and near his workroom.
We support each other's dreams
and are leaning more and more towards building.

Anyhow, for more corner view dreams,
check out Francesca's Fuoriborgo.
Thanks you Tzivia for providing us with this week's theme.
Next week's theme is "Home Sweet Home"
from .Bonnie.


  1. this is a wonderful dream ! i'd love a studio space too ....

    here is my 'dream' ...

  2. Great dreams! I have a room to use for my crafty stuff and I love it. It used to be my daughters bedroom. It's not a studio, and it's small but it works!

  3. A wonderful dream! Every gal should have a ladies room, but not too close to the man cave. :) I'm wishing for your dream to come true real soon. xo

  4. I must have been thinking of you when I posted my corner view. It might even inspire your house plans.

  5. This is a good dream! I hope it can come true for you, soon. (Love the way your cat tried to sleep on the magazines - our dog does that to Emily's books when she's trying to do homework!)

  6. Lovely rooms! Hope you'll find a corner somewhere to realise your dream!

    I'm wondering what Scruffy was dreaming about?

  7. Great dream! When it becomes a reality, which I am sure that it will, post lots of photos.

    ps I like your quilt!

  8. Oh, yes, a studio place for yourself, that would be a dream! It sounds like both you and Mike will have your dream spaces in your new house!

  9. a dream of space and a space to dream

  10. I hope your dream will become true soon :)

  11. We all need dreams, don't we? I'd love a big screened back porch . . . maybe one day!

  12. Hopefully, your dream will soon become a reality ... for both of you.

  13. what a wonderful dream ... and very inspiring pictures, thanks for sharing

  14. Keep dreaming that's all part of the building process :)

  15. A lovely dream. Hope your dream becomes a reality soon.

  16. It is wonderful to have a dream and then make plans to make it come true. I especially love the one with the window seat. They have always been special to me.
    I think one day you'll be showing pictures of your dream come true!

  17. Building a house would definitely make this dream come true! I'd say, bigger is better - my studio is approx. 12 square metre and quite narrow, which is not handy when working on large paintings. I sometimes have to step outside to get enough distance.

    (With crafting, I imagine there must be enough storage space, so envisioning the space needed and then adding a metre for closets would be good.)

    Like the expression "man cave", BTW ;-)


  18. bless your dream, it will happen! i wish you a start to that in the new year!


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