Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Corner View: Where has the time gone?

On the wall in my dining room, I have three photos of little girls at age two.
One is of me,
one is of my daughter, Sara,
and the third one is of my first granddaughter, Peyton.

Peyton, from the start, had a  resemblance to me.
People would comment on it.
Then the photo was taken of her at two,
 and it was placed beside that of Sara at two---
again, a resemblance.
After Dad died, I got my photo of me at age two.
Thus emerged the photo arrangement.

Sara --- two

Me, Beth -- two

Sara -- age 35 and me -- age 57  
This was taken during a visit last summer.

Peyton -- two

Above is Peyton at age 8 last summer.  Below is Peyton, still 8, last Sunday during awards after her gymnastics meet

Where has all the time gone? 

Now my daughter has her own daughter, Abigail or Abby.  Here they are at a photo shoot this past September.

Here is Abby sitting prettily by herself.  She is 7 months in these photos. She just turned 9 months.

Although I also have three grandsons, this post is mainly about the females in the family, so I will include my third granddaughter, Addison or Addy.  (The grandsons can be featured another time).
Here Addy is being held by her Daddy, my son Doug.

Last summer I snapped this photo of Addy or Addy Jane as I call her, at age 4 with her daddy, now 33 and a father of three and stepfather of one.

My children have children.
Where has the time gone?

 Bits and pieces of our lives have been recorded over time on slides and on Kodak film glued into scrapbooks.  I have approximately 12 journals recording the small and the humongous events in our lives.  But where it all resides, together as one, is in my heart.

Some day, hopefully, we will take a family photo of us all with the grandkids grown up and possibly with children of their own.
We will look at each other and say, Where has the time gone? 
Then we will smile because we had that time together.

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  1. I love those portraits! You are all so cute and really look alike!

  2. I agree ----where has the time gone???? My sons have all grown up and my oldest grandchild is 18 now.... GADS!!!!

    Great set of photos. I love that one of you at age 2... SO cute.

  3. I love the photo arrangement of the three generations - what a nice reminder that we were all children once, and that it doesn't last forever...

  4. wow!
    and i so agree on what you say about pulling the odd album out and sit around, leafing and going forward a bit, then turn back again, in the company of relatives.
    it's only in an album that it actually feels rather okay to do so, i find...

  5. I always enjoy looking at photo albums and seeing the changes from year to year, especially with the children.

  6. The three generations photos are amazing! If you told me they were photos of the same child, I'd believe you!

  7. I loved seeing this glimpse of family history - such pretty girls, ALL!

  8. It is amazing sometimes. I have a nephew who is 39 and who looks so much like my 1/2 bro who is 68 that I am suddenly confused when I see a present pic. What's funny is that, even though nephew's only "blood" connected to our folks is through his/my Mom, he sometimes actually looks like my Dad... and that hardly seems possible. Interesting to see how genes slide around. [BTW, you were quite a cutie.]

  9. I know how you feel Beth. The time goes by far too quickly. I wish I could somehow slow the days.
    You girls are just beautiful. I think getting together for a family photo is a great one. Hard to accomplish sometimes, but so worth the effort.

  10. It's amazing how fast time passes, that's for sure! The girls in your family are very cute.

  11. My sweet friend your family has grown. Everyone is is beautiful and handsome! Time sure goes fast, the older we get. I can still remember a sunny afternoon as I was getting my car, thinking in 20 years I will be 42. I thought oh my gosh that is old. If only I knew :) Now I think in 20 years I wll 73!
    Enjoy your wonderful family!! xo


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