Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Corner View: Home Sweet Home

Every night I come home laden with a rolling office tote,
two bags of binders of bureaucratic education standards work
 and folders stuffed with papers to grade.

At school, I deal constantly with the noise of teen-agers
and their quick (sometimes sneaky) movements.
Every one of my senses are in full operational mode.

So when I come home, I need a quiet, familiar, peaceful, and comfortable setting.

I have 'carved' out several areas in this tiny home for just that.

This is one of my work areas.
It's a computer armoir that has all the essentials for
 blogging, emailing, researching, and entering grades.
On the top shelf lies my comfort:
a photo of mom and dad,
mother's Bible with an "Angels on Duty" memento,
a plague reminding me of an important aspect of living a good life--
this sits in front of the POW scrapbook I made for my father,
my father's WWII books
flanked by two precious figures--
the old-time preacher
and the sea captain.
The first represents my father
and the second represents the man who was like a father to me.
On the very top are photos of my son's family
and a container of potpouri and an electric candle.

There are also the two framed pics of dad:
one of him early in his ministry
and one taken for his 80th birthday celebration.

This is my 'grading corner':
a comfortable recliner complete with throw blanket,
a chest of drawers with essentials like stapler and staples, pens, etc.
a glimpse of outside (through the French doors which open onto a screened-in porch),
floor space for my bags full of work,
and more comfort: mom's collection of Precious Moments figurines
and Dad's POW plaque.
The flickering images of the TV in the living room can't distract me---
my eyes constantly track movement at school and can't stop at home
and due to my husband's headphone I can't hear the TV either.

This is where I lay out my clothes for the next day.
It's a tiny hallway connecting the bathroom and our bedroom
with the living and dining rooms.

More comfort reside in this cabinet: precious books and figurines
as well as a lower shelf full of favorite childhood books for the grandchildren.
To the left is a glimpse of the dining room table,
which is usually stacked with textbooks and more papers.
It's where I can spread out work if I need to.
It's also where Mike and I eat supper.

So you've gotten a glimpse of just a few spots
that make this tiny Craftsman style bungalow
home sweet home.
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  1. I loved seeing these parts of your home. I love all the homey touches and pictures!

  2. I live in a bungalow built in 1922, but some former owner took all the gorgeous wood out. Thanks for the tour of your house. (I'm a teacher, too. My grading area is the dining room table, couch, bed, patio....)

  3. This are a lovely rooms. I like the chair and the small office.

  4. There is much comfort in the views you have shared with us.

  5. nice comfort corners.
    that throw on your chair looks really soft and cozy.

  6. Home Sweet Home!!!! I love my home also --especially after two hospital trips. I love seeing your 'comfort' spots ---especially after a hard day at work...

    My comfort spot is my recliner... I spend many hours there these days ---and absolutely love it.

  7. I like Craftsman style homes.
    You have carved out very cosy spots for yourself. I love that your husband wears headphones so as not to distract. Mine will watch taped sports after I have gone to bed so I don't have to listen to the noise!

  8. Nice to have a chance to "visit" you.

  9. You've made great use of the space Beth. I love the corners you've created for you work. It is such a joy to have the things you love all around you.
    You have my deepest admiration for the work you do. I know I just couldn't do it. Your students are so blessed to have you for a teacher.

  10. that's what I need, an armoir - it could be my 'studio'!

  11. Such an intimate view of your daily life. Thanks for sharing!

  12. i love all your cute little corners that you have carved out for yourself ! wonderful !!

  13. I never knew your house was a Craftsman style bungalow! I LOVE them! (Although here in Florida all that gorgeous wood is a termite's delight :(

    I loved seeing these cozy corners you've carved out for yourself - glad to know you have a comfortable and quiet place to work in after the controlled chaos of your school days.

  14. All the nooks and crannies ooze comfort - I bet everyone feels right at home with you and your husband.


  15. What a great home! And I like your private space. Very important!

  16. we don't half need our retreats, at home.
    exactement. a room of our own... sweet!

  17. your place is very home-y Beth. it shines through the photos ! and yes it is good to have your own space; i love the quote about making a life, very wise.
    thank you for sharing... it is so much fun to visit each other's homes through blogs isn't it ?!


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