Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Barn Charm #42

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 A regular at our local farmer's market decided not to participate this year.
We live in the house previously owned by her partner's grandmother.
Margaret and Earl left the family farm and moved into town
where they could be closer to doctors and stores.
Their son bought another farm and now he and his four sons
 each manage a portion of that farm and Margaret and Earl's. 
Nel and Scott live on about 100 acres of one of them.
Another time I will feature their farm, though the two barns are new.

Anyhow I bought homemade rolls at the market, but they weren't the same
without Nel's homemade strawberry jelly.
Plus I needed eggs. 
So I called Nel and off Mike and I went to their farm to pick up jelly and eggs.
Of course, it turned into a 'barn hunting drive'!

The above photo is one I shot to show the hay waiting to be cut
and the winding road we were exploring.

Imagine my delight
when we rounded the bend
at the top and found
this little beauty.

It is boarded up,
but it has a new roof
and is obviously cherished.
It reminds me of a one room
cabin with adjoining shed
for the animals.
However, I'm not sure
what exactly it was.

 Here are some shots I took as my husband creeped along.
We were on a treacherous section, so did not linger.

We rounded another bend and were smack dab in the middle of the modern-day farm.
The house, which has been considerably updated and added onto,
 is on one side and very close to the road.
On the other side---the same as the log one--is the barn,
also very close to the road.
I would venture that this is yet another example
of how a road was built right through an existing farm,
separating the living quarters from the farming area.
There are a lot of those here in southeastern Ohio.

I didn't feel comfortable taking photos of the house and new barn
(it wasn't anything to get excited about anyway).
We felt like we were in their yard, although we were on a township road.
So off we went, happy that this family is preserving their log 'heritage'.
For more barns,
click below.


  1. Love those shots with the sun shining on the barn. What a treasure.

    Glad you were able to switch to something that is working for you.

  2. Glad you got it working! You have such a great barn to share today - it's just charming!

  3. i love this cute little place! i don't get excited over new barns either....glad you got the bugs out!

  4. It looks like an old outhouse (maybe) very rustic! I overlook newer barns n farms too...they lack charm!

  5. Really love this and glad you got photos to show...

  6. what a treat to be going on a drive together after jam and eggs.

  7. You so enjoy this. Your personality must be focusing on your housing history. Keeps you grinning, I'm sure.


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