Monday, June 4, 2012

Questions that I'd love answered!

What browser do you use?
Are you having problems with Blogger posting your posts? (for those who use Blogger)
What are some options you use so that folks know when you post?

I am still having difficulty.  I may not be able to do my usual Monday post.

Please drop me a line if you can help.  Thanks! :>)


  1. I use Firefox and have had no trouble. Good luck!

  2. I use Firefox, too . . . no problems! Hope your difficulties are resolved soon.

  3. I am not sure what a browser Is - how you get on the Internet? I have Explorer at home and Safari on my phone. I use Blogger on both without a problem.

  4. I use Firefox too Beth. My daughter told me it was much better, and she was right (for me anyway).
    My problem is with the new blogger format. I can't get my pictures spaced out the way I want them. They all end up in a tight little line with no way to type in between them. AND....when I write using html, I don't get any paragraph separations. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong, but I sure don't know what it is. Arggh!! (They all said.)

  5. I use firefox, too. However, my biggest problem these days is trying to look at other blogs. I click on a post title in my reader, and it will not load. If I click on the blog it will load usually. Many times when I click on the comment form, it won't load either. My browser just spins. I am frustrated, so I am going to try Safari and see if that makes a difference!

  6. I too use Firefox and have no trouble. Sorry you are having problems. Are you still using IE??? I've heard that using Firefox or Chrome are both good...

    If folks 'follow' your blog like I do, your posts will come up on my Reader or Dashboard... It also helps when you go to others' blogs and comment on their posts.

    Wish I knew how to help you, Beth... But our lives are crazy right now... So much to do and never enough hours!!!!! ha


  7. I'm a Firefox user, too. Blogger tells me from time to time that I don't have a reading list but eventually it comes back.

  8. safari....

    i changed from blogger to wordpress just because i can check and reply to comments easier. others with wordpress are aware of when i reply to a comment, and i am aware of when someone on wordpress has replied to one of my comments on their post. i am also always aware of when anyone comments on my posts. it indicates this info. in a little box in on the top bar when i am on any wordpress blog as well as my own, as long as i am logged in of course. since i find comments to be one top few reasons to blog...wordpress won out over blogger this time

    most people will come and read one of my posts at some point, if i am still reading theirs. that is pretty much how it works for me anyway. i don't post things that people go out of their way for.

    i have a lot of links on google reader. that is how i see what people are posting. it lists all the posts that i have not read, until i mark them as read.

    no blog list on my blog anymore.

    fyi . if you change to wordpress, you can transfer all of your posts from blogger.

  9. Just migrate away from Blogger! Go to WordPress!

  10. I'm so terribly sorry you're having problems, too...
    I sincerely don't understand why they seen to try to fix or change what isn't broken in the 1st place...
    blogger was working fine until lately!

    I switched to Chrome a while back when Firefox started giving me so many problems... I don't really deal well w/ problems, that's why I just might switch to Aminus3 or one of the other blogs... I don't like wordpress, it seems too complicated.

    One of the girls told me she read on blogger that if you join Google+ that there's no limit to space, so I joined & everything seems to be fine, for now! I paid for more space last year when it was $5 for a year, but now they've jumped it to $30 & I refuse to pay for such a steep jump in such a little amount of time... that's completely ridiculous!

    If you need help, let me know & maybe we can figure it out together... I'll help in any way I can! =)

  11. DON'T SWITCH TO WORDPRESS! (Unless you have gobs and gobs of time on your hands to figure it out.) I know people who have switched and they need professionals to help sort things out. Plus, your Blogger friends will have a hard time finding you :(

  12. Drives me nuts sometimes and makes me scream and pull my hair [more or less] and wonder how dumb I am. Then it works again. Consistency would be a good thing. But we've entered a whole new world, and I guess even the "leaders" don't know everything either. Patience is a good thing... but not part of my inward personality.


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