Monday, October 1, 2012

Barn Charm #56

We came upon this barn suddenly.
My husband knew it was down there,
so was looking for it.
I was caught totally by surprise.

It is part of what was once a successful orchard business
in our area.
The Doudna family and the Rockwell family
are two huge Quaker families
who have been here for numerous generations.
However, only the Rockwell family
still runs an orchard business.

I wish I could have gotten more shots,
but we were on a twisty, steep road
with nowhere to pull over.
There is a long, narrow road down to it,
but since they are no longer in business,
it is now a private driveway. 
This is the only evidence left that there was once a thriving business
hidden down among the hills.

Although this is not a barn, since it is almost right beside the orchard sign,
I thought I would show it.

It is the old Quaker meeting house complete with outdoor privies.
It is no longer in use.
They gather at a meeting house at the Friends Boarding School
on the outskirts of Barnesville.
(The school is still very much in operation.)

This was a peaceful place to wander around with a camera.

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  1. Hi Beth, We are home after a fabulous vacation...

    Hope life for you is going well...

    Lovely barn photo.. We saw LOTS of barns on our trip.

  2. I love that only tracks are the road leading down.
    A fabulous old meeting house. Love the old door with the window above. It looks like it has been well kept.
    Have a wonderful week Beth!

  3. What a neat place! I love the old meeting house.

  4. great views. i love the winding dirt road... that is a neat country view. (:

  5. Completely fascinating! Thank you for sharing. The farm is still in great shape!

  6. I bet that was one very beautiful orchard spread out there on the hills & is that a river or a creek running along side the barn there? I'm lovin that tiny lane... beautiful

    Thanks for joining, Beth! =)

  7. I do love that picture with the the road leading to it...and really enjoyed the other shots as well.

  8. Such a variety of buildings in your area.

  9. It is sad to see businesses fall by the wayside. What a neat place you found.

  10. You and your hubby are finding barns together...i love this!
    Also, thanks for sharing the meeting house shots.


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