Monday, October 29, 2012

What I have learned from my cat and Monday's Prayer

 It's been a rough weekend of needing to rest, a pile of boxes and such that needed sorted and a new place found for them in the basement.  (George has been ill due to a nasty allergic reaction to fleas and has been sneaking under the steps and peeing there.  That is where I keep seasonal clothes, etc.  Nasty.)
Then there is school---so much more paper work and grading.  It is threatening to overwhelm me and my mind toys with disability in my future.
And that is depressing.

I skimmed through 100 Days of Grace for Women for the devotional and came upon one titled "My Grace is sufficient."  Oh, what an answer!  I wrote my thoughts out and then my 'gratefuls' as I call them (patterned after Ann Voskamp's one thousand gifts.           
 I have a day long meeting and still need to do lesson plans.
 But---on to what I've learned from Scruffy. She is George's sister and is featured in these pictures.
1. Go for the familiar ---something that has the scent of a loved one on it.

2. No space is too small.  Scootch inbetween the spaces and relax.

3. Cover your eyes and blot out the world for awhile.

 4. Abandon your worries for awhile and let sleep do its job.

 5. Seek out those who matter to you, who by mere contact, however slight, instantly calms and comforts you.

6. Find the good in a small home.  It insulates you, surrounds you, and protects you.

7. Dirty dishrags smell good.  For her---who knows what she finds appealing as she rolls in them.
For me, they mean I was able to accomplish simple tasks despite the fibromyalgia.
Chalk one up for me and God and 0 for fibromyalgia.

"God is always sufficient in perfect proportion to our need."
Beth Moore

"Snuggle in God's arms.
When you are hurting, when you feel lonely or left out,
let Him cradle you, comfort you, reassure you of His all-sufficient power and love."
Kay Arthur

"Like Paul, we may bear thorns so that we can discover God's perfect sufficiency."
Beth Moore

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you,
so that always having all sufficiency in everything,
 you may have an abundance for every good deed."
2 Corinthians 9:8 NASB

Today's Prayer of Grace

Dear Lord,
You are sufficient for my needs,
and I praise You.
I will turn to You when I am fearful or worried.
You are my loving Heavenly Father,
sufficient in all things and I will always trust You.

Blessings to you all as you begin the new week!♥


  1. Just what I needed today. I enjoyed the wisdom from the cat :) and the prayer is perfect because of the bad news I got over the weekend regarding a good friends health issues.

  2. I love your cat (is his name George?). Your captions are purrrfect!

    My hubby's aunt taught school, and when she was in her late 50's, and I was in my late teens, she hired me to grade papers. She gave me the answers and I just went through and graded them. I also went through tests before she handed them out and darkened letters that didn't turn out (that was back in the day, huh?). Could you find a young person possibly at your church who would be willing to do something like that to make a little bit of extra cash and take some of the load off of you? Lord knows teachers are overwhelmed these days. Hubby's aunt didn't pay me much....but I was sitting at home with a baby at that time and ANYTHING I could do at home and any amount that I earned helped me....and I know it helped her. Just a thought.

    There are times when my job overwhelms me. We have such high quotas set and I think back on the documentary "Happy" that I watched back a couple of months ago. They went all over the world interviewing people to find out how to have true happiness (it was someone from the Baylor College of medicine, I believe is what they said), and the most interesting part to me was what they found in Japan. People work so many hours there that they LITERALLY work themselves to death. LITERALLY. They even have a word for working yourself to death. They showed a young man with a wife and baby that had died just sitting at his desk. So sad. Your cat is right. We all need time to just snuggle up to something familiar and not even think....just dream. I hope you have time for that today. Hugs.

  3. I talk too much, but one more thing....George knows something else....he's reading the funny papers. You need time to laugh. Remember that laughter is the best medicine. Did you ever see Patch Adams? (good movie) Laughter sends your heart soaring and gives you wings to fly. When I want to laugh, I get some of the old What's Up Doc, with Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. That one makes me laugh til I cry. Not one bad word in the entire movie. :)

    For some reason, this song just popped into my head...maybe you need to hear it:
    If the skies above you are gray, You are feeling so blue,
    If your cares and burdens seem great all the whole day through,
    There's a silver lining that shines in the heavenly land,
    Look by faith and see it my friend, Trust in His promises grand.

    Often we are troubled and tried, Sick with sorrow and pain,
    There are others living in sin blest with earthly gain,
    Take new courage we cannot tell what the morrow may bring,
    When the dark clouds vanish away then your heart truly can sing.

    Oft we fail to see the rainbow up in heaven's fair sky,
    When it seems the fortunes of earth frown and pass us by,
    There are things we know that are worth more the silver and gold,
    If we hope and trust Him each day, We shall have pleasure untold.

    Sing and you'll be happy today, Press along to the goal,
    Trust in Him who leadeth the way, He is keeping your soul,
    Let the world know where you belong, Look to Jesus and pray,
    Lift your voice and praise Him in song, Sing and Be Happy Today!

  4. meeeow. and meow.

  5. Seems like we can learn from cats, can't we??? Wish we could blot out the world and sleep like they do!!!!!! BUT--we can try!

    Yes, God is sufficient for all of our needs --IF we let him 'in' and listen to him.

  6. love this, and hoping that you are finding grace for each moment.

  7. If I didn't have His grace, life would hardly count to me or anyone else connected to me. HIS GRACE is all that is sufficient...


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