Monday, October 8, 2012

Homecoming Queen and Monday's Prayer

I am late getting out the Monday prayer.
I have been recuperating from three incredibly hectic weeks
that included preparation for Homecoming and the Pumpkin Festival.

There is so much that goes into planning the Homecoming Event.
There are:
Spirit Week where the kids dress to a theme each day;

the front display window to get ready with all the candidates pictures
(this year I did a "Then and Now" theme that had the candidates baby pics,
their parents pic, and then their individual candidate pic
plus group pictures);

creating/building, painting, hanging decorations for the dance in the cafeteria
after the Friday night football game,

the pep rally that afternoon,

and finally the pre-game parade of candidates and escorts
in awesome pick-up trucks around the football field.

The couples are then announced and walk through two lines of the band
across the field where they veer off to the right and left and await the announcement.

I am involved in every aspect of it.
I loved it!
But boy did my body not love it!

I have been recovering, placating the fibromyalgia
and osteo-arthritic knees (the right knee is particularly angry with me).

But it was sooooo worth it!

Here are the five senior candidates sitting after lots of work.
The girl who is the second from the left is the one
who painted the mural.
She also painted her jeans.

She is a 'gem' in so many ways.
(She was two votes behind the winner and
is almost as insecure as the sweet young lady to the right of her
who did win it.
I am working on their self-esteem--they are incredibly wonderful girls.)

Here they are that same day, dressed and ready for the special event.

The last three girls on the right are the representatives from the lower classes:
junior, sophomore, and freshmen.

Each of the classes nominates one girl to represent their class on the court.
The senior class chooses five girls as the queen candidates.

Then  the entire student body, including those students at the vocational schools
and those enrolled in post-secondary classes at two community colleges,
vote on who will be the 2012 Homecoming Queen.

{BTW I explicitly explained that the skirts were not to be inappropriately short.
Obviously a few girls and their mothers have a different definition of inappropriate.
And yes, comments were made in the stands
as some held their breath as skirts inched up with each step.

{I did tell the girl on the far right to tug down her dress before she walked up the steps
into the bleachers.
Her panties or worse (as in none) were about to show.
Again: Aiyiyi!}

This young lady is very special to me.
She is also quite insecure.

Here she is with her friend escort in the back of her dad's truck.
Her brother is driving it.
This is the same father and son who brought the beautiful antique tractor
to our school for the candidates pre-pictures.
(The boy restored the tractor mostly by himself.)

This is before she got in the truck.
I already knew she was the winner,
but didn't let on.

This is just a glimpse of the procession from the back.

We had a gorgeous sky overlooking the festivities.

Here is the couple walking across the field between two lines of our high school band.

Walking to their spot.
The woman in the background headed this up for 15 years
and helped me as this was my first year heading this whole event.

Here begins the reactions of this precious girl and her friend.
Her boyfriend recently dumped her and she has been heart-broken.

Look at the shock on her face and his fist as he pumps it.

She is still not believing it!
He is still ecstatic.

Last year's queen crowns her.

Mom is adjusting the crown and she's wincing as the combs dig into her head.

Typical mother/ daughter moment with dad patiently standing by.
He is holding her candidate sash
as she is now wearing the Queen sash.

Beautiful, incredibly sweet, compassionate, down-to-earth and self-conscious A.M.
She is one of those students who keep me teaching.

Here is Monday's Prayer of Grace:
Lord, I have so many reasons to be thankful;
let my attitude be a reflection of the many blessings
I have received.
Make me a woman whose thoughts are Christlike and
whose hopes are worthy of the One
who has given me so much.

"Optimism is that faith that leads to
Nothing can be done without hope
and confidence."
Helen Keller.

"Each one of us is responsible for our own happiness.
If we choose to allow ourselves to become miserable and unhappy,
the problem is ours, not someone else's."
Joyce Meyer
("However, we are concerned and try to help. The librarian and I are helping this girl." me)

"I could go through this day oblivious to the miracles all around me,
or I could tune in and 'enjoy'."
Gloria Gaither

Blessings to you all as you go through this week!


  1. What a magnificent job you've done Beth! It all looks so amazing. I'm praying you'll get the rest you need and relief from pain.
    I kept thinking of Emily Freeman's book for teenage girls "Graceful." Do you read her blog? Perhaps the girls might be interested in reading it?

  2. Well done! It looks like a huge success - and I bet the queen's ex-boyfriend is eating his heart out!

  3. You did a great job! I love how your love and compassion for your students shows through. They are blessed to have you!

  4. Thanks, Beth.
    This is a very inspiring post.

  5. What a great post, Beth... I can 'feel' your love of teaching when you can work with beautiful gals like her.... Congrats to her...

    It obviously has been a busy time for you... BUT--you obviously were pleased with homecoming... Looks fantastic.

    Cold here this week... We've had a fire in the fireplace all week... LOVE it.

  6. Thank you so much. You are one busy cookie... and doing so much for many, so often.

    Bless you.

  7. so interesting - we have nothing of the sort over here (except the short skirts for girls, and low pants for boys! :))


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