Monday, March 4, 2013

Barn Charm #66

If you follow South Chestnut out of town,
you will find yourself in the country before you have gone a mile.
I went for a drive the other day,
pulled into the Sewage Plant parking lot,
got out of my car,
and snapped this looong barn.

I got all sorts of shots and several angles of it.

This is the end looking back at it.
I drove the car down the road,
turned it around, and then stopped,
leaned far out my window like an idiot,
and got these two photos.

This is from the opposite end.
The barn is perplexing to me, because it gives mixed messages.
Some areas seem in good shape and then others are looking derelict.
There was hay in the far end, but also lots of brush and brambles 
leading up to the hay storage.
This end appeared to be in the best shape, yet also deserted.
It's a "Hmmm." for sure.

For more barn views, check out Tricia's place.


  1. Very nice barn....lots of character!

  2. The barn just needs to have the paint job finished. It still looks great! It was fun to see it from different angles.

  3. Wow---that is a huge barn. Since some of it is 'kept up' and some is not, maybe they are just using part of it (since it is so large). Thanks for working so hard to get pictures from all angles. It really is a NEAT barn.

  4. (...leaned far out my window like an idiot) that makes me laugh.

  5. The main part, the tallest part of the barn looks to be the most beautiful... one I'd so love to explore! We're all doin the 'hanging out the window' thing... it's known as the Barn Charm shuffle! LoL! =)

  6. Looks like at one time it was a very successful operation. what a wonderful find! : )

  7. really liking the roof line on that barn!


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