Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Corner View: Hair

I decided to take a 'stroll down memory lane'
and look at my hairstyles over the years 
and include my daughter in this.

Many years ago on a trip to the Bahamas
and after an afternoon braiding session on the beach.

My long hair, which gave me fits,
but I still liked having it
and my husband (at  the time) loved it.

Sara and I right before she left for a special dance at school.
Sh was approximately 14.

This was taken after my divorce.
One of the first major changes I made was to cut my hair.
By this time I wanted it short, but husband insisted on it being long.
So when husband left, I changed my hair style.
I was 39.

At my son's wedding reception with my dad.
I was 48.

Two summers ago at our lake place with my daughter.

Last August on a visit to my daughter's in Texas.

Sara with a hairstyle vary similar to mine at her age.
She has hair that cooperates much better than mine
and she looks wonderful with long hair.

Hairstyles of our family at Christmas.

One of my favorite photos of Sara.
I loved how long her hair was then.
She has been blessed with beautiful hair.

For more views on hair
from various 'corners' of the world,
please meander over to Francesca's.


  1. Fun to see how hairstyles change through the years. I've had short hair for a long time now. My hair was never cooperative enough for long hair!

  2. I enjoyed seeing these different views.

  3. What a nice timeline! You have a lovely family.

  4. What a fun collection of photos and hairdos!

  5. beautiful!
    this was totally fun to see.

  6. wow ... what lovely hair you and your daughter have.

  7. Hi Beth, I never had VERY long hair... I had shoulder length hair in Kindergarten and in 11th grade. Other than that, I never had long hair. When I was in college, I had my first 'curly perm'... I wore my hair that way for many years --getting perms every year or two.... I never had really short, straight hair until about 2006 or 7 I think... I wore it short (cut around the ears) for several years and loved it. Then I got tired of it --so I've let it grow a little --but it is still straight... My hair never had any body or curl --so it's either a perm or wear it straight... I choose not to ever get a perm again (I hope)..

    I will say that I generally don't like seeing women over age 50 with long hair. It usually makes them look older.

    Great set of pictures through the years. I loved your haircut last August when you went to Texas. Awesome!!!

  8. Weren't we gorgeous when we were young? Someone had a fountain of youth posted on their blog today or yesterday and I commented that I wouldn't drink from it. Even though I am wrinkled and have whiskers now, and my hair is getting whiter everday, I am also so much more comfortable with myself...and I really don't care if other people don't think I'm pretty or not....I'm clean...I'm neat, and I am myself. They don't have to look if they don't like what they see. There was a time I would spend two hours trying to look good and wouldn't leave the house unless I had my hair fixed just right and had makeup on. Now, I go like I makeup and hair just combed. I wouldn't want to be 24 or 39 or even 45 again. I like being 57.

  9. a perfect time to stop by and say hi, as you took a visit down memory lane. Love your hair long and short. xo

  10. It's nice to see the evolution of haircuts over the years! Good idea :)

  11. I am not sure I would want to take a walk along hairstyle memory lane. The worst was in the 80's and I crimped it! My mother dyed her hair red after my step father died. She had always wanted red, but he didn't like it!

  12. beth! look at all that hair!
    you look gorgeous, woman!
    aw, missed ya...

  13. what a fun post! you look beautiful in all your photos :)

  14. Lovely post, Beth. I think it's good just to be yourself. Your hair style is super. I don't like the hairdressers so my husband gives mine a trim every now and again. I like my hair shoulder-length and our girls are the same. We are blessed to have inherited hair that has stayed dark without having to do anything to it. (My maternal Grandma had dark hair into her 70s). Hope you are ok. Haven't heard from you for a while.

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  17. Beautiful hair, indeed, & I love the pic of your daughter & granddaughter (the 3rd pic from the bottom)

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    Thank you for your help though, I appreciate you! =)


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