Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Corner View: Feet

Last week, the topic was hands,
so this week it is feet.

I wanted to take photos at school like I did with the hands,
but it's state testing week and everything is just a bit crazy.

So I perused recent family shots
and then spotlighted my son's  household's feet.

In the kitchen, the Irish lass is swirling in her purplish pink dress
accented with her striped socks. (Her shoes covered the socks when she went to school.)
Meanwhile, Dad's feet were snazzy as he watched her.

In the living room, the siblings and Grandpa lounged on the couch.
nine-year-old sis and fourteen-year-old brother

Grandpa and the seven-year-old-grandson.

My feet as they looked tonight.
These shoes are comfortable for work, though not particularly attractive.

Keeping warm in the early mornings
in heavy socks and quite old and worn and comfortable 'scuffs'.

Hubby's feet tonight.

Last but not least,
the four-legged inhabitants here
show off their front sets of feet (paws).

Scruffy the girl.

George the boy.

For more views on feet,
check out Francesca's place.


  1. what cute little striped socks! I want! your feet look comfy in those slippers- I have similar- just fuzzy pink :)

  2. Hi Beth, I am following your blog by email now. Thanks!!!!! Love all of the different feet. My favorite though is the one of your granddaughter --in her striped socks with the purple/pink dress. SO cute!!!!

    THanks for sharing. I wear heavy socks like yours everyday in the house in winter --along with some heavy slippers.


  3. Adorable striped socks! I bet the little girl they belong to is pretty adorable also :)

  4. Love your variety of family feet.

  5. Great post, Beth! I like all the photos and love the striped socks - of course my favorite are the furry feet :-)

  6. those striped socks are very nice and colorful. thanks for the feet tour :)

  7. a great post! so many feet in your house! :)

  8. I'm always fond of cat's paws. They seem to tell a story.

  9. haha so funny, they al have heir own character :)

    Hope you have a good testing week (sometimes just as stressful forr the teachers as it is for kids :)

  10. Beautiful "collection" of feet...and paws ;)

  11. Cute post...I remember when you did the post on hands.

  12. i'm partial to kitty cat paws...


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