Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Corner View: Hands

This week's corner view's topic is hands,
I took my camera and headed out during my 8th period prep.
(Each teacher has one period for alone preparation time.)

Here's the result of my search for a variety of hands.
I focused on the female hand.

First women teachers
Math teacher's hand.  She's around 30 and engaged to be married this summer.

The female history teacher.  
She is in her early 30s.
She was on her way to an all day meeting outside of the school, 
but still school related--thus the casual jeans and shoes.

The female physical education and health teacher 
who is in her early 40s.

 This set of hands belongs to our guidance counselor.  She is in
her mid-fifties.

This ring was her mother's class ring.

 This set belongs to yours truly: me,,
who recently turned 59.
My hands look much older than my face and neck.  I have taken great care of the latter, but have neglected my hands terribly.
I am not fond of hand lotion,
although I will apply lotion twice daily to face, neck, arms, legs, and feet.

I get my nails done professionally every two weeks.  If I didn't do that,  the fingers would be chipped and bloodied because I would chew my nails down to the quick.

 Now a variety of females students' hands----




Of course, one of the boys wanted his hand photographed,
so I obliged.
He is 17.

To finish up my post,
my 7-year-old grandson's hand.

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head on over to Francesca's.


  1. I love this series of photos showing us hands of all ages. What a great idea!

  2. Very clever idea for this topic. I love it!

  3. What character in each shot!

  4. I loved this - so fun to see all the hands and the varieties of ages. I did a picture of hands on my blog Monday, of a baby and her great grandma's hands. I love the contrast!

  5. I always notice hands. What a great idea Beth. My 66 year old hands readily give away my age. I once wrote about my Mom's hands - the way so many beautiful gifts flowed from them to others.

  6. that is fascinating! i love all the different hands!

  7. Great photos of all of the hands... My mother used to tell me (when I was younger) that I had pretty hands. But--now that I'm 70, there aren't very pretty anymore... Too much wear and tear I guess since I work in the yard alot!!! Oh Well.


  8. What a great collection! And your manicure is so fun!

  9. My mom has a high school ring just like that. Aren't the teens hands beautiful? Not scarred from life's cuts and bruises, but smooth, looking forward to the future.

    Your nails are wild! I work with a 26 year old young lady that has tips applied and painted like that. I couldn't even tell they were not her nails. I had to examine them last week. I have never had a professional manicure. My daughter used to go and treat herself to a manicure and pedicure before she had her two daughters.

  10. so many stories behind those hands! i use hand lotion regularly, but my hands still show my age :(

  11. Fun post. I liked looking at the hands and rings.

  12. It's beautiful and interesting... like hands. I Love yours, they tell us a nice story.

  13. It's beautiful and interesting... like hands. I Love yours, they tell us a nice story.

  14. Fascinated by the variety of rings, too. Fun photos.

  15. The hands you photographed are fascinating. Thank you for the birthday greetings.


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