Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little off-balance

Sometimes I feel like this crane.  I feel like I'm barely keeping my balance and at any moment I could tip over and fall into. .  what?   I don't know.    So much still hangs in the air--the move is close, yet far.  We fix something on the house and something else falls apart that will have to be fixed before we put it on the market..  I get caught up in one area to find I'm behind in others.  Such is life.  Tomorrow will be better.

The picture is from our Ireland trip.  We were on a walk and when we reached the top of the hill, we came upon this abandoned crane. There was something about it, all alone out there, tipping, but still connected to its base.  Like I'm feeling right now.  I'm tipping, but am still connected to my base---Christ.

                  "Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you."
                                                  I Peter 5:7

Some days it's hard to not reel my cares back in, after I've cast them on Him.  Anyone else feel that way?


  1. Yes! I'm really good at reeling those cares back in. And the tipping crane analogy is very apt. I am a little off-balance lately myself. So many things unsettled in so many areas. I have days where I seem to ABIDE. The cares are the same, but somehow they are not as overwhelming because they are all filtered through a knowledge of His love. And then somehow I lose that. I'm not sure exactly why. Could be physical illness and pain, could be a lack of yielding on my part. At any rate, it's good to know the Base won't be letting go of us!

  2. I like your new look ... the banner seems an open invitation.

    The base, the foundation ... the all important part to our lives ... so glad it remains stable even when we don't.

  3. i like the new photo up top too.

    i've had those two steps forward one step back kinda days before.

  4. Love the new header!! And yes, I feel like that crane once in awhile, too! (Thankfully, it doesn't last long!)


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