Monday, July 12, 2010

The Storm and a Prayer to Begin the Week

This past week several blogs that I regularly read have had posts in which the person wrote about tears, heartache, difficult decisions--in other words--the storms in life. 

I have had a week in which I caught up on my rest and worked on cleaning out and organizing my small home so it can welcome its soon-to-be second occupant --my husband.

 I read three books.  Reading for enjoyment is a luxury I save for summer, because I like to finish my books shortly after I begin them and that is difficult when I have lesson plans to prepare and work to grade.

I had a wonderful dinner with my brother and sister-in-law in which we discussed growing up and our parents--always enlightening.

So this prayer is not so much for me this week.  It's for those who I know are struggling.

It's from the book Prayers in the Storm -- Resting in God's Comfort and Care by Sandy Lynam Clough.  It prefaces with the story of the disciples and Jesus on the boat when a storm came.

And He arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, Hush now!  Be still! . . .And the wind ceased . . . and there was immediately a great calm . . .He said to them, "Why are you so timid and fearful?  How is it that you have no faith? . . ."
And they were filled with great awe and feared exceedingly and said one to another,  Who then is this,  that even the wind and sea obey Him?    Mark 4:39-41 AMP

Dear Lord,

You commanded the storm to be quiet.  But when I try to command the things and people around me, the storm just gets worse!  Help me to keep quiet and let You speak to the storm.  Help me to remember to just hang on to the side of the boat and let You control the storm.


Blessings to you all as you begin this week.


  1. that's a good prayer.
    lovely photo too.

  2. Thank you for caring about me...

    Although the tears come and go and I reckon my pain will always be there, you are right, I cannot control it. So I am clinging to God Almighty.


  3. Will be thinking about and praying through that prayer this week. It's timely. And the picture is refreshing, too!

  4. Thank you for sharing the prayer. 'Why are you timid and fearful?' That phrase can apply to so much in life! Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing the prayer. Blessings!!

  5. God's kind of quiet is exactly the kind I need right now.
    ~ Wendy

  6. A lovely prayer to remember. I'm so glad you have had a week of rest, catching up, and reading! Those times are blessed. And thank you for your prayers and your heart of compassion.

  7. One of my favorite scriptures! Love the words of the prayer, one that we all need at times in our lives! I'm reminded of the old hymn that says, "Keep me safe 'til the storm passes by."


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