Thursday, October 21, 2010

The hidden lake

I moved here when I was 9 and moved away when I was 18.  In those 9 years, I did not
wander down the dirt road to this serene beautiful lake.
 Why?  I did not know it was there. 

I was 44 and looking at photos of my wedding taken by a neighbor in Cincinnati.
The two couples who traveled the 4 hours to our wedding might as well been
time traveling---so different was our small town from all that was familiar to them  in Cinci.

Bill, our neighbor/friend/photographer was enamored with our town, particularly this lake.
When I came upon the photos of this lake, I asked where he had found a lake in Barnesville.
 The look he gave me indicated that he thought I was being ditsy. 
"No, really, where did you find it?"
My husband then chimed in, "Beth, it's below the park.  It's our reservoir."
"Since when?"
"Since forever."
"Nah uh!"
At this point, the topic became a 'Bethism'---something I say or do that surprises and amuses him
while endearing me further into his heart.

Two weeks ago, after an overnight babysitting stint with the grandchildren, I turned my car
down the lane and with my camera explored.

How could I have missed it all those years?
The same way I missed the close relationship I now have with the trinity.
They were there all this time.
But I partook of only a fraction of what was available,
just as I swam in the pool, danced at the rec center, swung on the
swings, and watched baseball games in the park
above all this beauty.
It took a deep depression
and the loss of my father
to send me searching
for the 'lake'
hidden yet in full view.
It took quiet desperation
for me to spend the summer
in prayer, Bible study, and simply spending time
with the trinity.

Isn't it a shame that many of us have to fall in a dark pit
before we can stand on the hill overlooking a pristine lake?

Isn't it glorious that He takes our hands and lifts us up out of the pit
to the top of the hill, welcoming us, so happy we finally asked?

"And to know the love of Chist,
which passeth knowledge,
that ye might be filled with
all the fulness of God."
Ephesians 3:19


  1. it is a beautiful lake.
    especially with the leaves changing colour.

    i don't especially care for my times in the pit.

    do i get to call you beth instead of b.?

  2. You should frame that third photo. The light and color are magical. And this is a great story/analogy. I wish we didn't have to suffer to see our deep need for the Lord, but so often it happens that way.

  3. There is much that is missed by those who have eyes yet cannot see; much to be heard by those who have ears yet do not hear - and still - when sense is restored, Christ fills the gaps of joy we missed in our journey. He is wonderful that way. I love your honesty and transparency. You've got a new follower in me.

    Hi, I'm Sharon. I'm here from Emily's Imperfect Prose, enjoying each link and inviting everyone to stop in for my contribution, #47 Hearten Soul, Communication.

  4. i love secret places like this. and i love 'bethisms.' :) i can relate. my husband is always making fun of me in the same sort of way. he loves it. :P i also love how you related it to the trinity... that caught me off guard in a very good way. i want more ... i want to know God more, in all of his roles. pray for me in this? love to you, dear beth. xo

  5. I can't believe he knew about it all these years and didn't share!

  6. Beth, this is a very beautiful post - and the pics are gorgeous! As we get older and mature as Christians, I think we all wonder "how did I miss that truth" - and many times we learned it while in a "pit" or valley. But isn't the revelation a wonderful thing?

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Breathtaking photographs, and beautiful words!

  8. ohio is near and dear to my heart, my mom being from kettering. i've been curious about where exactly in ohio you live, so when i saw barnesville, i looked it up. my cousins live in new philadelphia which to my delight seemed to be somewhat in your neck of the woods. :) we visited them last summer and i loved driving through ohio. it's so beautiful!


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