Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tangled up in knots and the Monday Prayer

A tangle of trees and underbrush occupy a corner of our back lot at the lake.
 There's a trailer back in there.
But what sticks out to me is this rope-like branch that winds around
several trees,  forming a knot.
It's difficult to see a true hole, and you can't see the trailer at all.
To the left of the tangle is our shed.  The 'hidden trailer' is on an adjoining property. 
                                                   Zoom in closer and a form emerges.

Zoom in more and the trailer is now visible.  Someone has a place on the other side of the tangle of 'knots'.

 There is a teacher at school who seems to be tied up in knots.  She teaches in a different part of the building and I've not had much contact with her.  The two parts might as well have been in two different parts of the school yard as contact between the two has been minimal due to scheduling and departmental separation.

However this year, the principal instituted  a Professional Development Time each morning for 30 minutes BEFORE the students are permitted in the classroom and locker sections of the school.  Now I begin my day with her.
Also I  have lunch with her.  Due to a change in scheduling, she is in my lunch group this year.

This over 40- year-old  believes she has the right to speak her mind about anything, at anytime, to anyone regardless of whether she offends or hurts. Her voice bounces off the walls of the teacher's lounge.
She does the same in the morning.
I have heard other teachers sigh and say something like, "Well        was in true form today, wasn't she?" or "Is she crankier than usual today?"  or"Good ol'       , just laying it all out there!  We can always count on  knowing where      stands." I don't feel comfortable going into why no one says anything to her.

   I believe in freedom of speech, but I also think common  courtesy should help determine what a person does or doesn't say.  She has boasted of her lack of caring if she offends. 

 She has brought her knotted, tangled world into my reality.  I'm having difficulty seeing that there is a person in there.
 I'm trying to look up into the light and then with His help zoom in and see the person.  Whether seeing her will help her or not, it might just undo the knots she has manged to tie in my insides.   (My stomach has been upset a lot lately.)

So I begin a new week.   This is our last week of the first nine-week period. 
 Report cards will go out the following week.

It was a quiet weekend. Husband had to stay in Cinci, but he will be up here this week.
The weather has turned colder--a low of 29 is expected tonight and a high of 52 tomorrow.
I got some sweaters and a corduroy skirt out of summer storage.

So, I hope you keep warm or cool depending on your location,
 and that you have a wonderful week.

Here's the Monday prayer:

I confess that there are things that make me feel anxious in my soul.
I lift them up to You and ask that You would take those anxieties away
and give me Your peace.
Comfort my soul as only You can do.
Help me to understand my life and my circumstances from Your perspective
so that I won't be tempted to dwell on them with a heavy heart.
Thank You for the comfort of Your unfailing love.

In the multitude of anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.
Psalm 94:19

From one Stormie OMartians prayer books.


  1. sweaters and corduroy,
    comfort for the body.
    the Holy Spirit,
    comfort for the soul.

    interesting post.
    God bless your week.

  2. Hi Beth, People like that should not be teaching.... Kids pick up on that ---and learn so much from teachers.... Wonder if she has 'tenure' --and is protected????? Too BAD---teacher's unions and tenure is ruining our school systems I think... We need to weed out the bad ones!!!!! Just my thoughts for tonight.... (I was a former teacher --and I remember teachers like that woman!!!! GADS!)

    Have a good week. God Bless.

  3. It's not easy dealing with difficult people - especially on a daily basis. It's even harder to see them through God's eyes - as a person He created and loves. I certainly don't have the answer - except to pray for her and ask Him to give you a calmness.

    I so appreciate your meaningful comments on my blog. I hope you have a good week as you are aware of God's presence as He unties the tangles others cause in your life.

  4. I just really needed this prayer tonight. Thank you. I'll be praying for you, too. Good analogy through your photos and words...

  5. We don't always know what the knots and tangles hide ... but God's love can straighten them out. Blessings of peace for your week.


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