Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Barn Charm--a flip, a flag, and a quilt

This week's Barn Charm is a bit late.
The last few days have been spent at the lake place.

The following barn was one of about 8 that I took photos
on that Sunday drive over a week ago.

It's quite a hodge-podge, huh?
I wonder why all the boards are bowed out at the bottom
like a flip hair style?
Also, the red side here looks like a pleated skirt to me.

Sorry for the antenna in the photo,
but it didn't look like a good place or time
to get out of the car.

This is the flag that is on the front of the barn.
It looks small here.
If you look closely, you can see hay stacked inside.

This is the picture on the side.
From the car it  looked like a quilt design.
I guess it still does on close up,
but it's not typical of the 'quilts' painted on barns in our area.
I think it's cool though.

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in the states and Canada.


  1. Oooh Beth - you found a good one! I love the curvy walls and the added touches of the flag and quilt.

  2. Great barn pictures, Beth... I like Tricia --and she has done a great job with her Barn Charm...

    Hope you are having a nice summer.

  3. You found a really unique, patriotic barn, Beth! If these walls could talk . . . .

  4. this is my favorite so far!

  5. I think the owners were definitely scrimping when they put this one together & it really does resemble a pleated skirt, but it's a very cool barn find, too! I really like the flag, shows patriotism! =)

  6. So sorry about the trouble you had w/ the linky... glad it got to working

  7. That barn is kind of sad. Great shots.


  8. Neat descriptions... such creative thinking.


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