Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Corner View:Through the Eyes of a Child

 My latest grandchild
and my last (so I've been told)
was two days short of five months
when I kept her and her brother
for about seven hours.
Since she and her family live in Texas
I don't often get the opportunity
to see life through her eyes.
Abigail Elizabeth

This toy made sounds
but Abby simply wanted one of the rings in her mouth.

"Ahhh, this looks interesting!"

"Let's get a closer look."

"Closer, closer---yep, it can go in the mouth too.  Yeah!"

But the best item in her view
was a crinkly farm animal book.
(I accidentally didn't pack this
and will be sending it to you, daughter.

Here she has spotted it
and is working her way toward it.

"Oh goody!  Grandma helped me get it."
                                                (Abby is scooting a little and trying to crawl,
but as we were away from mama,
I didn't think it wise for her to get frustrated and cranky.)

Notice, she isn't checking out the pictures.
Through her eyes,
 this book's purpose is to ease her teething gums. 

"Much better!"

As we waited for big brother to wake up from his nap,
her gums seemed to be bothering her more and more.
Now we adults would not think of putting our toes in our mouth,
would we?!
But Abby eyed them and thought, "Hmmm, let's give them a try."

They worked great---even better than the book! :)

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  1. … and always there when you need them… just perfect! I wish you plenty of beautiful days with this cute little person!

  2. Amazing what fits in a mouth! What a little sweetheart. So glad you had time with them.

  3. What fun to spend time with them.
    I have to say my toes would never make it in my mouth, even if I wanted them too!

  4. this was fun to see.
    hey...sometimes i stick my foot in my mouth ;-)

  5. OH how wonderful, Beth. I know you were in 7th heaven keeping the grands... What a sweetie. My fav. picture is the one where she is sitting up acting like she is reading that book. That is awesome.

  6. Lucky grandchildren to be able to spend several hours with you!

  7. i always forget. but baby's eyes do come with teeth, don't they? ;)))

  8. she's so cute! (love that spiky hair) thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning, with your post.

  9. wonderful photo's and so close up, as I'm a child too!!
    I hope you can look like a child if I tell you know that you have won my give away (i did last week's CV with the postcards), can you please mail me your adres? to

  10. She is adorable! And not only would I not think of putting my toes in my mouth, there is no way I could do that. I am a lot of things, but flexible is not one of them.

  11. What a gorgeous creature ! My mother says that she is enjoying taking care of her grandson more than she did with her kids (thanks!). Because she's more into the happyness and the playtime than in anxiety, security and lack of sleeping time ;-)
    Enjoy your moments with your big family!

  12. I remember, I remember, the way their upper lips would be stuck out, making room for anything, anything that would fit. A toy, a book, a foot.

    Yes, great times!

  13. Well, I sometimes think of putting my toes in my mouth, but I lost my flexibility somehow! ;o)
    Cute one!!

  14. I don't know what it is about those books, but babies go bananas for them. PS. I love the foot in the mouth... baby toes are so yummy

  15. She is beautiful!! Her eyes are as big as half a dollars and blue as the sea. It is so true how little ones discover first with their eyes, seconds with their mouths. :) Thanks for sharing! xo


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