Monday, July 11, 2011

Barn Charm--Quaker City barn

I pass this barn every time I go to our place
at a near-by  Seneca Lake.
For those of you familiar with this area:
It's at the bottom of the hill from the Quaker Cemetery.
You turn left to go into Quaker City.

I've wanted to take a photo of it for a long time.
However there were always several people out in the yard
next to the only spot where I could pull over.

A few weeks ago, no one was home,
so I took advantage.
I didn't press my luck and get out of the car though;
it's a busy section of road.

No fancy techniques--I'm not that far along yet.
Just a simple barn in the beautiful hills of southeastern Ohio.

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  1. Oooh, Beth! You found a real treasure! I really like this one.

  2. These are the barns that touch me the most. I am always thinking of all the stories the walls of boards have to tell. They have so much personality. I cannot bear the thought of them falling to the ground for lack of love and care. Wonderful shot. Genie

  3. Great barn, Beth.. I always enjoy looking at all of the barns featured on Barn Charm..

  4. Interesting variety of windows and doors.

  5. An intriguing shot which stirs the imagination and a good composition. It's the sort of place I'd love to paint.

  6. Nice the windows in this old barn. Lots of charm!

  7. No barns here, old or new - and I love them so... thanks for sharing this one!

  8. Hi Beth,
    Years ago, I did a lot of driving around the countryside, collecting pictures of old thoughts were always similar to Genie' many stories of lives lived in and around the barns...if only the walls could talk to those of us who wander by...or maybe it's best that we make up the stories for ourselves :)

  9. Hi Beth, so nice to hear from you today- thank you for taking the time to come and leave me your sweet encouraging words. Wow, have to say I see why you took the time for the barn... I certainly would love to get closer too, but always try to respect the property as is. Will bookmark you blog so I can come visit again soon! Thanks again!

  10. I love it! I never want anyone to get in trouble for trespassing onto someone's land or cause a traffic jam by stopping to shoot these old barns, but I sure love to see them! =)
    Thank you very much for submitting this beauty to Barn Charm - don't you worry about techniques/textures or any of that, I'm here for the barns & love to see each & every one of them! =)

  11. haha...Isn't it funny what we do to get a barn shot for Tricia's photo challenge?

    We are neighbors. (Canandaigua lake)

  12. i like seeing it like this...
    surrounded by green leaves and tall grass

  13. I love it! It's a small barn but it has a lot of character.

  14. Hello, Beth! Many thanks for your kind visit to my blog--so nice to meet you... and to see you BEAUTIFUL photos. I would love to have a wander around and admire that old barn...*swoon*... Happy Day :o)

  15. p.s. love the new profile pic!

  16. love your photos ..I have always been a barn-lover cant help studying them as we go on any trip. I live in Ohio too. going to the Smokies in TN soon I cant wait!I ama new follower!
    KAT Griffin

  17. This poor barn is being some around here.


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