Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Corner View: Postcard (from a POW)

 I was going through some boxes yesterday
looking for some postcards
I had gotten when I was much younger.
 I wanted them for this corner view topic.

I didn't find them (yet).

But I discovered something I didn't know I had:
a postcard from my father
to his parents
when he was a POW in Germany
in WWII.

I have taken photos of both sides
with close-ups of parts.

Bad Orb was the name of the camp
where my dad was imprisoned for 4 months.

Notice he says  never give up twice:
once at the top--"Never give up hope."
and on the last line -"Never give up."

I tear up at "I pray every night & have faith
that God will bring me home to you all again."

 As regular readers of my blog know from previous posts,
God did bring Dad home,
and Dad honored that with becoming a Methodist minister.

By the time Dad was captured the Germans were struggling
with feeding and clothing themselves.
Red Cross was no longer getting through to the camps.
Packages were sent, but they never made it.

But Dad survived.

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  1. Oh ---this runs chills through me. I'm so glad that you still have that postcard. That is awesome. Cherish it forever. Glad your Dad made it back ---and glad he became a minister... God Bless all of the young men and women who give so much in the service---for US and our freedom...

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a keepsake, Beth. His words and his handwriting and the evidence of his strong faith at a young age.

  3. what a memento... time may change the outer, but the love within... you know? great!

  4. That postcard is a treasure. It says so much about your Dad. I'm impressed by his nice handwriting too.

  5. His handwriting shows his determination. What a lucky find - you had your Dad on your mind all along, these past couple of weeks, and here is another keepsake to bring him closer to you, yet again.

    Thanks for sharing this on CV.

  6. the most touching postcard of the CVs! Keep it well…

  7. that little post card carried a whole lot of weight.

  8. A powerful and touching post, Beth. Thank you...

  9. This postcard is incredible and very precious. What memories! Thank you very much for sharing.

  10. what a powerful and moving postcard Beth.

  11. What a priceless treasure Beth. His faith and love are so inspiring. He was truly an amazing man.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Oh, my! What a find . . . what inspiring messages: "Never give up!" . . . God answers prayer!!

    I'm glad you were looking for postcards!

  13. Amazing! What a blessing to have such faith and hope revealed to his family at such a tough time. Quite a dad!

  14. so touching I never realized that they sent post cards like that from POW camps WOW

  15. What a piece of history! Thank you for your sweet words on my photo today Beth- so heartwarming- and I whole-heartedly agree!
    Happy Sunday!

  16. What a story...and make sure someone gets that card that will keep it and treasure it after you are gone...

  17. I missed this postcard last week, sorry. I'm touched and impressed. What a surprise for you! Thanks for sharing...


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