Monday, October 10, 2011

Barn Charm #13 Southeast Ohio

This past Sunday was a beautiful end of summer, beginning of fall day.
The temp was in the high 70s,
 but there was the undefinable something that lurks here in Ohio
this time of year,
that makes you put a light jacket or long sleeved shirt in the car.

Many people were out for drives, so it was more of a point and shoot day.
The road we were on, where we saw this barn,
was narrow with few spots to pull over and let other cars go by.
I didn't feel comfortable getting out of the car for exploration.

Also, folks were out and about their barns and on this particular road
the barns were right beside the road
so I couldn't hide behind long camera shots!

This barn is typical of many around here---it has the slope leading up to the main entrance.
On the sides are entrances into the 'basement' floor.
However, the bottom section is wood
instead of a stone foundation--somewhat unusual here.
There is a stone support under the grass slope though.
They're using it, but yet it needs some care.

Coming up on this character.

Closer . . .

Smack dab in front!
It's packed to the brim with hay.

Past it!
The blue storage trailer spoils the 'set' somewhat, but such is life!

It was a wonderful Sunday drive with my husband on the back roads around this small town
I call home.

Click to  further enlarge any of them.

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  1. Great barn pictures, Beth....

    Hope things are going well for you.

  2. We went for a Sunday afternoon hike and a drive, enjoying the beautiful weather here too! Nice barn. The roof is in good shape but some of those side sections aren't faring as well.

  3. we had great weather this weekend back to cold, blah! beautiful barn!!

  4. That is a huge barn! I hate that it doesn't have the stone foundation, and that it needs TLC. but it is wonderful. And the wear just makes me like it more.

  5. That looks like one of those barns that has lots of nooks & crannies for hiding places... & multi-leveled to boot! I wonder if they're fixing the place up... she does need some care or she's gonna collapse under an Ohio snow storm! =0

    Great barn find & thanks for linking up to this week's Barn Charm =)

  6. I know the feeling of preferring to hide behind long lens. But hey! You found some great barns and took wonderful photos even though the barns were close to the road. Well done!

  7. It's a great big feathery barn! Very nice.

  8. It looks a bit scary to me... seems it could fall apart in a strong storm. Know I've got to be wrong, but... I'd be big time hesitant to hang out in there. [Glad you had a nice time, though.]

  9. She may not be as good as she once was, but she's holdin' on. Nice to see the old galis still getting some use.

  10. Hmmm...I have to wonder what stories that barn could tell. Great pictures Beth!

  11. Always enjoy these barn tours and your comments about them.

  12. "The blue storage trailer spoils the 'set' somewhat, but such is life!"

    yes, such is life... yet somehow the faded blue of the trailer blends well with the faded browns of the barn...

  13. That is a gorgeous old barn! I love how big it is and that they are still using it. It was a good weekend for a drive in the country!

  14. Glad this barn is being used. What great big bales of hay! The roof looks water-tight. Some good shots and I feel I'm actually there.

  15. When I see barns in this kind of condition I can't help but wonder what they must have looked like when first built. This was once a magnificent building I think. Great shots.



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