Thursday, October 13, 2011

Corner View: October

My little town of Barnesville, Ohio
has an annual Pumpkin Festival.
It has been going on since the 1960s
and is a celebration of fall and harvest.

It is actually the last full weekend of September,
but to me and many in our town,
it has more of an October feel to it.

The stores compete in a storefront decoration contest
as do residences. 
This Victorian village is a cornucopia of front porches and front yards
ideal for huge displays of scarecrows, hay stacks, pumpkins, and the absolute 'must':

There are many activities throughout the four-day celebration,
such as hog calling, tobacco spitting, pie-eating, best fudge, pumpkin pie, other delights,
best pet costume, all kinds of bands, and a big parade on Saturday afternoon.
Here are some high lights:

Scenes from the Pumpkin Festival Parade:

Part of my front porch.

The other side of my front porch.

A display I walk past to and front the festival.  It's just one block from my home.

I don't know these kids; I just needed a photo of King Pumpkin and its runner-up,
so I ended up having them in the shot.

King Pumpkin was small this year. 
Two years ago, it hit almost 1500 lbs.
I didn't get the picture taken until they were dismounting the display,
so the third biggest has already been loaded up and taken away.
The seeds of King Pumpkin are auctioned off each year.
Our local grocery store usually buys the pumpkin.
Here are photos from last year.

I'm late posting this week,
but you can still check out others' corner views
on Francesca's host site.


  1. wow! I would need to have a much bigger garden to grow a pumpkin that big! And also, a better back to harvest it:)

  2. What fun! That King Pumpkin is so huge. The parade looks like fun and your porch looks great!

  3. i adore small town celebrations...

  4. Don't you just love small town celebratations??? They truly go all out, don't they? Great pictures of the Pumpkin Festival... Wow--that King Pumpkin is HUGE.

  5. What a colorful community event. Your front porch looks so welcoming.

  6. I love your pumpkin festival! So neat! I really like how to do the King and Queen Pumpkin and dress them up like that. That is neater than what they do at the pumpkin festival in Milton that I went to.

  7. .... more porches, loving them, of course.
    but the pumpkins too, though. i'm especially fond of pumpkin three layered pies. yummm!!!

  8. King Pumpkin has such tremendous "veins" - almost like he is an old guy or something.


  9. One thing I don't even think about too much is any sort of harvest parade and/or party. You folks have quite a fun time, it appears. And some of it is absolutely amazing.

  10. What a wonderful seasonal display on your porch! I didn't realise that the King pumpkin was real until you explained - enough for a whole community. The parade looks like great fun, too.


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