Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Corner View: The last thing I've learned

I learned at last week's Pumpkin Festival
that a person's choice of type and location for a tatoo
can still surprise me
(and gross me out).

This week I learned that I have some budding poets in my freshmen Advanced English class.

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  1. Wow! I think that's the wildest tattoo I've ever seen. She can't really protest if people take pictures of her backside, can she?

  2. that's some crazy tattoo.

    and i love it when you share your students' poetry. are they proud to be "published?"

  3. I do believe that I like the poems much better than the tattoo!

  4. This proves you're an inspiring teacher!

  5. The tattoo is hilarious! (Not that I want it on me...) The poems are quite impressive!

  6. so much expression
    in ink and pencil
    in hand writing
    and tattoo
    and curious

  7. How neat, Beth.. It's great to allow your students to express themselves through poetry... AWESOME...

    Where tatoos are sorta grosses me out also!!!! GADS!

  8. The poetry is great , the tattoo, not so much. It's certainly a statement, though as long as she wears low-rise pants!

  9. Got my attention in a very strange manner... wanted to grab her and ask her "WHY????". Nice of you, also, to share re: your students. Not many teachers would do that.

    Also, been meaning to tell you that I really like your post picture. The whiteness really caught my attention.

  10. I am filled to the brim with lovely poetry. These are wonderful Beth. I know you will nurture the gift!

  11. lovely poetry ... and I like the pic of the tatoo :D

  12. I'm impressed, it must be wonderful to teach to motivated and hard working (and talented) students!

  13. Tattoos do have a place in our world, don't they? Granted, this is a bit loud, but still, there are tackier ways to draw attention ;-)

    You are so fortunate, Beth, to be at the receiving end of your teachings of English and poetry and all that language stuff you present your students with. I bet you feel very proud when you read what they come up with. (There are some great lines in there, and I should know, being a poet and all...)


    PS Thank you so much for all your insightful comments, on my own blog and on the blog of other CV participants. You're always very thoughtful.

  14. There's a great deal of interest in all that you have shared here. All. Hmmmm.

  15. loving your header, beth. you might want to know i am simply besotted by porches. probably also because i realize i will never have one... hee hee...
    and well... tattoos thàt big, ahem.

    you are an awesome teacher, recognizing the kernel of creativity in your pupils... i am partial to the last poem. pretty imaginative. n♥

  16. Very nice, the poems, not the tat!
    I know that budding poets don't bloom without the guidance of a talented educator. Brava, maestra!

  17. this is a pleasure CV! all those poems...wonderfull!!
    i wish you were my teacher! that must be great!

  18. Being a great lover of poetry, it was wonderful to see what you're students are writing, Beth! Some very emotive works there! That tattoo cracks me up--a surprise, indeed! This doesn't freak me out though, I think it's rather humorous, actually. Many thanks for your lovely visits to my blog. And you were wondering about the messages on my Love Flag. The individual flags are rather small--some as small as 2.5 x 3 inches, so something one great word fits only. Although I have dabbled with ideas of using quotes & such... We'll see what develops! ;o) Happy Weekend, Beth


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