Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Barn Charm #14

This series was taken two weeks ago on that lovely Sunday drive
my husband and I took.
This barn belongs to the family of barns around here
that set back up on a hill.
I particularly like these because they show off the lovely countryside
of the rolling southeastern Ohio hills.

Look in the upper left-hand corner at the view behind this barn.
This area is full to the brim of such views.

Imagine walking this hill several times a day!

I was able to catch a quick shot of the silo.
As I said in last week's post, the roads were busy that day,
so I was unable to get out of the car which would have helped me discover this
other than at the last moment as we headed away from this barn setting.

It was a "Wait! Stop! I have to get a shot of the silo!" moment.
My husband patiently hit the break, I snapped the pic,
and off we went.

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  1. those hills would be tough to walk all day long! so pretty though!!

  2. with all your barn charm posts, you have a book!

  3. It's funny you talked about the hills around you, because when I saw the first picture, I thought how much I enjoy seeing the way the barns are set on hillsides in your area. Nice pics!

  4. I love it when I come to a post that has lots of views....and did you notice the stone used in that one corner's foundation? They look huge!

  5. I love it! It looks as though they build the barn right around the land. It looks like it just belongs there kind of feel. Beautiful barn too!

  6. Beautiful barn & I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stone foundation... they're so awesome & really adds so much to these old barns!

    Thanks a ton for continuing to support Barn Charm =)

  7. Wow these place is neat and the hill love it! ^_^ Thanks for the visit. ^_^

    Barn Charm


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