Monday, March 19, 2012

Barn Charm # 32

This is the last of the barns from the Dayton, Ohio drive.
I was actually taking photos of an old inn
when we spotted this way up on a hill.

We couldn't see how to get to it,
but wondered if it was indeed open to the public.
It sort of looks like a 'party barn'.

Then again, maybe it's a home.
There is a red door in the long front side of the structure--
down near the right-hand corner---
that looks more like a residence's door
than a party place's door.

You're free to speculate.

Each shot gets a bit closer.

This is the closest my zoom would get me.
I also could only get shots from this angle.
I would love to see all the way around it!

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  1. It's beautiful and well-kept . . . maybe it is a party barn. The windows, however, remind me of church windows!

  2. Awesome barn and love how it is located. The cupola is pretty.

    Barn Charm

  3. This one is so unique Beth. I love the little steeple "thing" on the roof.
    I hope all is well with you. I've been so delinquent about visiting and posting comments. Life is a bit overwhelming just now. I'm hoping once we're settled in the new house I'll get back to a better routine:-)

  4. It has a lot of charming little windows, a great cupola and what appears to be a fireplace. I'd love to see the rest- and the inside!
    A terrific find!

  5. looks like a big fireplace...maybe.
    well, it would be nice to peek inside.

  6. I've never seen a barn quite like that! Lots of character. Fantastic find, Beth!

  7. Oh Wow! You found a good one, whether it's a party barn or someone is living there. It's so well kept up and has lots of charming features.

  8. The windows and cupola are intriguing. So much to wonder about here!

  9. i like this one very much detail! you know, i just saw in country living mag where someone turned an old cupola into a chicken coop!

  10. i love all the decoration ... windows & cupola. so pretty. (:

  11. Don't you wish you could see the inside??? I bet there is tons of room in there.

  12. The windows remind me of church windows, too. This looks like a place that would make a super neat home. I'd love to see inside!

  13. Beautiful barn.
    I like your first and last photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  14. Gorgeous pictures of the barn, Beth. I have really enjoyed seeing your barn pictures on the Dayton, Ohio Drive... Looks like you will need to take another drive so that you can get more beautiful barn photos.

  15. Whatever it's used for it's beautiful!

  16. Church signs on the side wall, a big happy entrance on the front...interesting! In our Des Moines countryside there's a stop on the highway called the Garden Barn...a place where country antiques sales take place. I guess the owners farm the land and live quite independently.

  17. What a nice barn, so many windows! WoW! Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for joining =)

  18. It looks like there's a fireplace at one end. Very pretty barn.

  19. Your hobby is rather interesting... I certainly see things I never would have/could have imagined in terms of barns. Very creative.


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