Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Corner View: everyday

Francesca, who hosts Corner View,
spotlighted her morning coffee.
I decided to show how my day begins as well
since it happens this way every day
at least Monday through Friday.

I get the coffee ready the night before,
but I don't use a timer.
I just plug it in and hit the start button on my way to let the cats up
from the basement.

I have to have a cream or flavored 'something' in my coffee,
and the flavor of  the week
this week
is the same as one of my favorite candy bars:
Almond Joy.

I used to have a protein shake
but now I have oatmeal with soy milk and  1/2 cup frozen blueberries
stirred into it.

While microwaving the oatmeal,
I read the daily Psalm calendar.

The other staples to my mornings
--even on weekends--
are my devotions
and my journal writing.

I can make it through the day without the oatmeal
or the calendar,
but coffee and time spent reading and writing
keep me sane,
as I maneuver my way through
a day of teaching English to freshmen and juniors.

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check out Francesca's Fuoriborgo.


  1. Your morning routine is similar to mine. We fix our coffee the night before and then George hits the button early in the morning. George drinks his coffee black -but I put French Vanilla cremora (sugar free) in mine with some splenda... YUM...

    George usually eats cereal with banana and strawberries. I eat a variety: poached egg sometimes; oatmeal with applesauce sometimes; etc...

    Have a great day tomorrow, Beth.

  2. I had the opportunity to taste that Almond Joy creamer the other day. It's wonderful! Sounds like you have good beginnings for your days.

  3. Oh yes, the reading and writing part sounds familiar.

    (My breakfast is really rather simple: coffee, tea and two slices of rye bread, mostly with home-made jam or vegan spread.)


  4. It's great that you make the time each morning to do what's important to you.

  5. We have so much in common, right down to the coffee pot! (Though I haven't tried the Almond Joy.) A beautiful start to a day.

  6. I think I need to try the Almond Joy creamer! I like your start of the day. I have to have my coffee and journaling/meditation time too!

  7. I love that red mug! (And I laughed at your comment over at my place - that log DOES look a bit like a gator, doesn't it?)

  8. interesting to hear the importance of writing and reading.

  9. i love rituals. we all do them, consciously or not. they make up the patterns to our days, they're so familiar and in another sense private. and i'm most definitely with you on the writing bit. now i'm primarily back to lang hand i unearthed the ol' diary indeed, and i realize there's a flow to writing long hand, which is lost in digital. not that i'd like to go back to long hand only. times do change.

  10. great thing to do every morning!! a coffee with a little extra!! yammie!

  11. Thank you for including Landon in your prayers... very much appreciated! =)

  12. I missed this last week!
    I too like oatmeal with blueberries . My photo shows peaches too since we had no bananas that day!
    Quiet reading by myself in the morning helps wake me up.

  13. I absolutely totally ain't coffee... however, my morning is reading the Word, thinking about posts, and drinking my chai tea. Some of us have our own little bits and pieces that keep us moving along... forward and forward again.

    I'm sure your consistency will make your spiritual life grow and GROW.


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