Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Corner View: Monument

 When I saw the topic for this week's Corner View,
I immediately thought of the Washington D.C. trip over five years ago.
My husband and I drove my dad to my brother's house near Harrisburg, PA.
We stayed with them and the four of us
 took my dad specifically to see the WWII Memorial.

Those who are frequent visitors to my blog,
most likely know that my dad was a German POW during WWII.
He had this trip on his 'bucket' list.

I have posted photos of that day and
written sentimentally about my dad.

However, for this post I am featuring women since
March is Women's History Month.

The following photos are of the monument/statue/ memorial
in honor of the women who served as nurses in the Vietnam War. 

This is the only shot I have of the insription and it is not very clear.
It says 1993 Vietnam Women's Memorial Project.
I cannot read the name under it nor am I sure that it's a 3 in the year.
But hopefully, you can still appreciate the tribute.

For more corner view monuments,
check out Francesca's Fuoriborgo


  1. I appreciate your touching selection. The men and women who served in the Vietnam War deserve the honor - as do ALL who have defended our country throughout its history.

  2. Today, March 8th, it's women's day in Italy. Sadly, I'm not sure it means anything anymore ...

  3. Beautiful monument. Today it's the women's day in France too.

  4. Lovely tribute. Strong, powerful, compassionate women.

  5. It's Womens Day, and all it now seems to entail is men asking women "What do you want to watch tonight, honey?"

    Your take on the theme is very poignant. We should remember that history is riddled with strong, compassionate women. They are the strands that hold everything together.


    PS Thank you so much for your in-depth comment about the poems. I love it when people read carefully.

  6. D.C. is cetainly an amazing city for monuments.

  7. D.C. is cetainly an amazing city for monuments.

  8. These are heart-wrenching sculptures. Thanks for showing them to us.

  9. What a blessing to see these. I'm not a D.C. fan, but there are a number of monuments and memorials I would like to see and these would be a real blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  10. the power of women is doomed to remain in the wings, it still feels... the stronger we're getting, the lesser we feel sometimes.
    i like it you have a whole month to commemorate women, we indeed just had the 'one' day.
    ps - good luck on the building! courageous and brave, that's what you are.
    (that's twice the same, innit? oy.)

  11. Thanks for sharing these, Beth. I hope your week has gone well.

  12. It is a beautiful monument... My hometown of York, PA isn't far from Harrisburg! Happy Day, Beth :o)

  13. It's a very touching memorial, isn't it?

    (I'm so glad you got to visit here, with your dad.)


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