Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Barn Charm # 33

Mike took me for another 'barn drive'
on a beautiful Sunday afternoon two weekends ago.
We headed east on Rt. 147 towards a little town called Bethesda.
I got lots of photos and 'captured' some real beauties.
But this one tug at my heart a bit,
so I will begin the "Bethesda Barns"
with it.

Mike was almost past it when, I yelped,
He backed up and I clicked.

For more barns, click below:


  1. Wow - these type tug at my heart strings too. Glad you captured this one.

  2. Looks like a basket weaving in progress with all the vines covering it!

  3. Always glad to see a great barn photographed before it tumbles. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. So sad to see this barn in such dispair. I would love to hear it's story. Great shots

  5. I certainly see why it tugged at your heart....another that I bet was a real beauty in its day.

  6. Too bad this barn was forgotten and abandoned forever. Thanks for sharing and happy weekdays.

    Barn Charm

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm not sure I've ever seen one quite like that before w/ the grass mowed right up to the barn, but the barn is almost completely taken over! WoW! What a beauty it is, tho... love it! I like to say that it's just been waiting for someone to come along & photograph one more time, before it gives up & collapses! Great scenes w/ that blue sky, too

    Thanks a million for joining =)

  8. Tugs at my heart too.
    It is sad how some of these can become so neglected.

  9. WOW!!! Aren’t you glad you got there when you did. Another few months and it may well have been on the ground. It is interesting how it is caving into the center. I am used to seeing them sloping to the side as they are going down, but not quite like this one. IT appears to me to have been on this downhill path for wuite a while. Great captures. genie

  10. Looks like someone can't bear to take it down but continues to take care of the land it sits on. It must have been a vital part of someone's farm at one time.

  11. I'm like you, Beth... The 'unused' run-down barns and houses make me wonder what used to go on in them... IF they could talk, I'm sure we'd hear some great stories... At one time, that was a pretty big barn, wasn't it???? Yes---it tugs at my heart....


  12. Nice photos! Poor thing, it's being devoured by the vines, but perhaps the vines are holding it up. It's strange to see it with the grass all neatly mowed around it. Mike sounds like my hubby, so very patient when I yell stop. Oh, wait, I guess your description of yelped is more accurate.

  13. Poor old barn...but it does make for GREAT pictures! ;-)

  14. nice capture...
    i like the "ooooh...stop!"

    some of that
    wood would
    make some
    cool projects.

  15. love your wording there "barn drive". too cute!! great shot. poor thing will be falling over completely soon. so sad. i will be linking up next week. missed out due to being in disney world. take care. (:

  16. Top3 and I just today saw a lot of decrepit barns - we loved it! Not much is left to stand and rot here in the Netherlands. All has got to be tidy and neat.


    PS I've moved our blog from Blogger to WordPress ( Will subscribe to feeds now. For now, I'm still signing with Google account, but will stop that too. Some Bloggers have name/URL option - this seems to work fine. The open-ID thingy doesn't work for me...


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