Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Corner View:Look but not touch

It looks to me that if I just walk far enough into the woods,
I will end up being close enough to touch the light.
Of course, I know, I can only look and not touch.

This looks like a soft pastel drawing.  
I'm sure I can run my hands through the sifting colors
and have the 'glow' on them.
Of course I know I can just look, but not touch.

It looks like there is a path partway up--
a fluffy walkway into the blue.
But of course, I can't walk it or touch it;
I can only look.

I love our ever-changing skies.
In the early mornings, even when I'm a bit harried and rushed,
I look up at the sky and am calmed by the beauty.
I have to be careful I don't drive off the road,
so mesmerizing are the colors.

The sunsets too create a feeling of total awe
as I gaze at the wonder of the flowing colors, shapes, and patterns.

For more views on looking but not touching,
please head on over to Francesca's place.
I'm posting early, so hers may not be up yet.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I really like that first one.

  2. So lovely and poetic Beth!

  3. Nice take on the theme! And as Francesca says very poetic.

  4. You captured this theme so perfectly. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love your last postcard!

  6. What a creative way to illustrate that phrase Beth. Your pictures are stunning.
    Thank you for your encouraging words. You always lift my spirits.

  7. great pictures and words, it is all really poetic, I liked to read the post and it gav me so much peace! Thankyou, and happy new year!

  8. We certainly had similar ideas...but your words are so eloquent! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful post, Beth... There are many things in this world that we can see but aren't able to touch... Even the sweet little birds which I feed are there to see--but I can't touch them (unless they have been trapped or are hurt. Sometimes, when I see a rainbow, I want to go toward it so that I can touch it... Can't happen!!!!!

    We just need to enjoy things from where we are...

  10. I'm so easily drawn away by the sky. Driving CAN be an issue with me, whether in town or out and about.

    When I first moved here to Omaha, after living in the NW for most of my life and in California for 5-1/2 years before coming here, I was in cloudy areas, BUT not the HUGE, overgrown, fluffy clouds. When driving around here, even on the interstate that first year or so, I would sometimes almost have a crash b/c the clouds so overwhelmed me. Sometimes the clouds were headed for thunderstorms or tornadoes I had never seen/known in my whole life. But the overallness of them still won my attention as they grew and flowed. Spring always catches my attention here as the clouds are so enormous.


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