Thursday, January 3, 2013

Serenity and snow

I figured it was safe enough to venture out
to my favorite photo snapping countryside
out west of our town.

So I slipped out there after a run to the post office
and pharmacy.
Serenity and Beauty at their finest--
just what I needed the day before a return to school.


  1. Very tranquil scenes. I like the snowy photo header.

  2. Snw, serenity and beauty ;) I wish you a happy new year...

  3. I love those snow-covered branches on the first one especially! Watching the days getting longer.


    1. Beautiful photos! Different weather here - I spend the day in the yard in shorts and a tank top! Happy new year!

  4. Neat. And we never talked on the phone during your school break. We're just so busy with so many different things... and tired. Anyhow, the photos are neat. Yesterday, while driving to a mall, and had one of my granddaughters with me, I glanced up and saw clouds in a different form than usual, and, cold as it was, I pulled off into a church yard, and jumped out and took a few photos. I'll be posting them one of these days with a Word on them, when the Lord will give me that. Anyhow, it was neat to see them.

    Happy for you.


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