Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweethearts and Monday's Prayer of Grace

We got back from Christmas break 
to discover that in order to have a Sweetheart Dance
and court and queen,
we'd have to have it in three weeks--
the last home weekend basketball game of the season. 
My team of girls and I got busy.
Above is the court 
with the senior candidates for queen in front
and the freshmen, sophomore, and junior attendants
(in that order)
behind them.

Here the four seniors.
The same girls got voted in for this court--
minus the one who got Homecoming Queen.
A girl can only be one queen.
The one on the left end and the one in the bright fuchsia dress
are my hardest and most dependable workers.
The fuchsia girl is extremely artistically talented.
The photographer insisted I get in the photo.
These photos were done in order to have one for the newspapers.
I have her do extras and I take a bunch too.

I took individual pics of the girls for the display window
that is just inside the front door.
My team of three junior girls made a superb display
which I will take a pic of today and post.

Bad weather intervened. 
 School was canceled on Thursday,
 and Friday we were dismissed 2 1/2 hours early.
BUT we had the game and dance on Saturday.
Two wonderful girls came in at 4 and helped me decorate.
Several teachers always help with the festivities, so I had plenty of 'backup'.
All went great!

All the girls + the queen from last year.
The freshman is in the blue on the left end.
The sophomore is in black and the junior is in white--
they are both on the right side.

The four seniors and best of friends.

The crowning.

Our new 2013 Sweetheart Queen and a senior escort and close friend.
This young lady is truly a sweetheart and I was thrilled that she was chosen.
The entire student body votes on the four senior candidates.

Hugs and settling in on the front bleacher.

The four danced together most of the night and had a blast.

Introduction of the court and queen
by the DJ.

Then they danced to the theme song:
"Somebody's Heartbreak"
by Hunter Hayes.

Monday's Prayer of Grace:
You are the Giver of all life.
Let me live a life that pleases You,
and let me thank You always for Your blessings.
You love me and protect me, Heavenly Father.
Le me be grateful,
and let me live for You today
and throughout eternity.


  1. I love the relationship you have with your students. It shows what a great teacher you are. Looks like a wonderful evening.

  2. What a wonderful job you did Beth. They are just beautiful and radiant with an inner beauty. It looks like they all had a great time!

  3. Wow! Way to pull it off! Impressed!

  4. Linda's comment that the girls radiate an inner beauty is true.
    So glad it was possible to have this event. It's one that we don't have in the UK as far as I know, so it was interesting to see. The prayer is well chosen for us and to pray over these lovely young women.

  5. this makes me smile and cry at the same time...

  6. They are beautiful! (And bravo, you, for tackling such a big project. You and the girls did a wonderful job!)

  7. As usual, you had a lot on your plate. Lovely. But B..U..S..Y for a teacher like you.

    You are a blessing.


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