Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Corner View: A Good Read

The topic this week is "A Good Read."

I came home the last two days to packages waiting for me.
I had ordered three books in hard copy--two were only offered that way.
and the third I thought I might want to share with colleagues,
so I didn't go the Kindle route.

Two of them I read about in our newspaper.
It has a weekly column on the latest "good reads."
Last week Facing the Sunshine and Avoiding the Shadows
by Becky Johnen
was listed in the "Good Reads" ( not really its title) column.
Since education is undergoing immense change
and that change is causing all kinds of stress,
I thought this book might help.

The following book was recommended in a weekly column
by a naturalist.
{Several blogs have had an influence on me 
in motivating me to get more in touch with nature.
One of those is Susie's blog "Just a Moment"
I have been following it for several years now.}

Anyhow, Gone for the Day sounded like something I would enjoy
and something that might motivate me to have even more contact with nature.
The author Ned Smith is long gone, but his field notes and sketches,
as well as his newspaper columns, remain.
This was a book published by a nature organization back in the 70's.
It is still popular today.

However, the book actually being critiqued and recommended
was the book another naturalist put together
of hundreds of more notes, sketches, and articles by Ned Smith.
I decided to order the first one and then possibly get the second.

This is the catalog from which I order books for my grandkids.
The selection and details of each book are awesome.
The books have become part of a special collection
my daughter keeps for her two children.

The Amazing Machines is a set I got my grandson Aaron and it has been a huge hit.

For more views on "good reads," hop
on over to Francesca's Fuoriborgo.


  1. That catalog looks fantastic. that's a good way to have an idea about some books… Have a great week!

  2. I am so glad that you are encouraging them to read. So many young people don't read and don't have any interest in doing so - other than the inane texts they exchange 24/7. It makes very sad for them.

  3. *me* (perhaps I should read my comments before I post a criticism of non-readers!!!)

  4. Some great reads, Beth… It's so good that your grandchildren love to read (thanks to you and their parents)… Reading is so important and children don't do it much anymore --which is sad.

    Hope you are having a good week.

  5. Like you, I try to encourage and give the taste of reading to my daughter (she's 9). It is not always easy, but little by little, she reads more.

  6. i simply love how you link the educational to the necessary to the love.
    long live summer, you'll enjoy tartt.

  7. books from grandparents are the best gifts. i still have all the books my grandfather gave me.


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