Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Corner View: January Colors

I had to think about this topic.
Sometimes I know immediately how I will interpret a topic,
but this wasn't the case this week.

I took a few photos of inside the house.
The only ornaments that are still out 
are these antique ones of my mother's.
I put the Christmas reds, greens, and golds away
 and added more of the pastels.
I like the effect.

{This is the first year I have had them out, even though I've had them for about seven years.
The ornaments were kept in a trunk for many years--am not sure where that is.
One of my brothers has expressed interest in them,
so this summer he and I will go through and divide them.}

I keep my snowmen out until mid-February.
They are mostly in burgundy,dark green, and white/cream, 
with a touch of sky-blue and deep-red.

This time of year, the outside colors are muted blues and browns
illuminated by the snow and with the evergreens adding a touch of color.

Even most of the birds that visit are of muted tones
like this little guy that flew in when I was snapping pictures.
(The view is from our living room bay window.)

However, a lone redbird honors us with his bright presence.

Isn't he cute with a seed in his beak and a bit of snow clinging to it?

He likes to run back in under these branches and eat his seed.
Then he scurries back out, grabs a seed, and hides once again.
(I did finally see his mate, but wasn't ready with the camera.)

Such are the colors in Southeast Ohio in January.

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  1. Those are some pretty colors. I really like the old ornaments, especially the blue green ones.

  2. Happy January...I'm so glad to be able to get back to blogging and to catch up on what you've been up to :)

  3. January makes me really appreciate the evergreen trees we have here!

  4. What a beautiful contrast with the bright red cardinal in the snow!

  5. I enjoyed seeing the different colors, especially the cardinal as we rarely see them here.

  6. You are lucky to have those ornaments! They don't make them like that anymore.

  7. It's a good idea all these bird feeders. You can watch them well, it's nice. The red bird is very beautiful, I don't think there's any such bird where I live.

  8. Love seeing colors in January when things are drab around here. I put some pretty colors on my blog today. The Cardinal is one of my favorite birds especially in winter.


  9. I love those red birds! The only birds we see in winter are magpies: black and white!

  10. That red bird is so pretty! We have wrens here, but no snow, so their colours do not stick out so much.

    (Every morning, they visit the rabbits and eat the left-over grains from their midnight snack. Sometimes, pigeons join in too.)

  11. The red bird is amazing! And I love how you tell the story, beautiful musings on the colours of January!! +Theres a sweetness to feel the connection from the red bird back to the red in your ornaments,…also I can relate to the muted blues and browns, which we have a lot of here in South Japan January!! Happy colour-filled days!Filled with bright surprises!♡

  12. that red bird is an eye-catching bird!! and i love your snowman collecting! the red kind of bird i have is the robin!!

  13. So we're both very "birdy" people. And this one is gorgeous. I'm so glad you have so many birds in your yard, and around and about. You are blessed and a blessing.

  14. For some reason, what I wrote didn't enter. Trying again. Mostly, just telling you how wonderful it is for you to have such wonderful birds in your yard and area and how both of us are "birdy" people. Blessings.


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