Sunday, January 19, 2014

Finally a post on Christmas 2013!

This was during our family Christmas celebration
the Sunday before Christmas.
Doug and his children (Addison, Peyton, Dillon) are on the left.
Sara, her husband Jory, and their two children(Aaron and Abigail) are on the right.
This is quite different from last year --- so much more room!

Aaron loves cake and it is a rare treat.
I think we have established a tradition: photos of Aaron each Christmas
savoring his cake(we celebrate his mom's birthday also).

This is him last year.

Here we are gathered around the table for dessert.
Presents have been opened 
and the chili, corn bread, and salad have settled.

I like this one because we are all laughing.

Here is Miss Abigail exploring our home
on their second visit.
She had changed so much from last year---
talking was the biggest change.
She does that A LOT (love it!)
In the above pic she has the dog's reindeer ears on with her big red bow.

I brought out one of the dress-up suitcases
and she put on this kimono.
She kept the reindeer ears on, of course.

We bought her a red hood for Ohio winter weather.
Thankfully, the brutal polar cold had not hit us yet.

Sara's dad usually picks them up
and I take them back.
We try to have lunch at Max and Erma's in the airport.

One last pic before they leave.
This was Christmas Day.


  1. How wonderful to see the whole family together. The kids are all growing and your family is still beautiful! I'm so glad you had this time.

  2. What fabulous Christmas photos of you and the family. I especially love the laughing one of your/hubby --and the grands!!!!!


  3. What a blessing for you to spend such wonderful time with your family...and them to be blessed by having you and your husband as part of their lives.


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