Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last week and great painting kits

My grandchildren's sitter's son was in the hospital last week,
so my son and his ex had to turn elsewhere for help.
Dillon was at YMCA day-camp all week,
so it was just the girls.
My turn was last Friday,
although I also watched them Thursday evening and 
brought the girls home with me to spend the night.
Addison's attention span isn't the best,
so I went to my box of things I've bought over the year
for when I had the grandkids this summer.

First Peyton, 11, worked on a sun-catcher.
It took a lot of focus and patience,
so she did it when Addy was taking a bath and happily amusing herself
with all the bath toys and bottle of foam soap.

This cost  around 5 dollars and was a nice kit.
She ended up using a paint brush other than the wand 
the kit provided.
 She gave it to me and it is hanging in the laundry room window.

She next moved on to water color
and then when Addy was dressed and ready for the day,
they worked with this textured paint kit.
It was under ten dollars
and was a nice kit of washable bottled paint
and a chart on mixing colors.
Blue, red, and yellow were provided
and a chart on the back directed the mixing for other colors.
  The only thing I would do differently
would be to have a bottle of white on hand
for making lighter colors like pink and lavender.
There were three utensils which were cool and enjoyed by both girls. I had a package of cheap brushes for them to use also.
They also made bracelets and watched Frozen.  The night before they watched Despicable Me II. I am ashamed to say I didn't read to them. My only excuse is the fibromyalgia  fatigue that causes me to overlook the obvious at times.   I finally had to lie down for an hour nap.  Mike took over with a visit to 'the barn'.
They had to be back by 6:30 for Peyton's softball game.
Peyton loves working with her hands and is very interested in tools and machinery, so Mike had her help drill a hole to make a trailer hookup for his wood chipper.  He marveled at how enthusiastic and attentive she was

Last week I also went to school and began getting my room ready.  We teachers begin on Friday August 15th and the kids start on Monday the 18th -- two weeks earlier than usual and in alignment with other schools in Ohio.  However, we will be off Aug. 25 - Sept. 1 for Noble County Fair week.  The school board would not budge about our kids being completely free all week for the fair.  The administration and teachers were willing to meet them part-way with allowing the kids to be off on Wed., Thurs., and Fri., but the board would not meet us there.

I have put together binders of my dad's sermons and are giving them to family members.  Two have been delivered/mailed.  I will be taking my daughter's set in my overnight case on the plane this Thurs. when I fly to Texas for a visit. Each page is in a protective cover.

My husband will remain in Ohio and hopefully will have installed the new sink and vanity for our downstairs bathroom.  The pedestal sink was not working well for us.

Well, that's a summary of at least part of last week.  I hope this week has begun well for you all!


  1. You are a wonderful Grandma!
    I hate to hear you are already working on school thing. Summer goes to quickly!

  2. Hi Beth, Amazing how fast kids and grands grow up.. Hope you can enjoy yours NOW since they'll be like mine and be all grown up soon... Mercy Me!!!!

    Sounds like you were ready for their visit--and they certainly had a lot to do.

    Seems like schools everywhere are starting sooner and sooner. One of the Tennessee Schools not far from here will begin the first of August I think... Crazy!!!

    Have a wonderful trip.


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