Tuesday, July 1, 2014

corner view: growth

Growth Through Plants and Friendship

This is the peony 'cut'  that my friend Peggy gave me last August.
It  has moved with her mother throughout the U.S. and is old.
(She has more of these peonies.)
Peg and her mom decided that a good house-warming gift
would be a part of one of the peonies.

I planted it.
Below is a photo of it now.
I think of Peggy and her mother
each time I look at this plant
and I cherish our friendship.

A friend was in town the other day
and stopped by to see me and the farm house.
We had some hostas that we had taken out  
because there were too many
and they were too close together.
We offered them to her
and she was happy to have them.

This is like a small one she took.

Here are the hostas that are left
after 'thinning' out some.

There are three plants in this planter.
The shamrock plant is the one that's important to this post.
Our high school is the 'Shamrocks'.
Every year I get several of these plants.
They are annuals here in this part of Ohio.

My friend lost her mother a little while ago.
By the time I realized I wanted to send flowers,
it was too late.
Then I thought of the shamrock plants 
waiting to be planted.
I had plenty of nice pots.
So I chose a plant
 (she graduated with us, so she's a 'shamrock'too)
 and a pot,
put them together,
and  then put them in a gift bag
with a card.
My wonderful husband 
delivered it to the funeral home
the next day
 before the funeral was scheduled
(I was at school).

Now I think of her and our friendship when I look at my plant.
Growth. Plants. Friends. 

You can see the shamrock leaves in this photo.

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  1. You have a green thumb! Lovely! Have a great week!

  2. I love shared plants! It's so nice to be strolling through the garden and think about the friends and family from whom certain plants were received. (I AM a sap, aren't I??)

  3. how nice to share all those great green with each other, than indeed everytime you look at it ( or they) you can think of each other!!

  4. each plant in my garden has a story too! :)

  5. that is so lovely how your plants have stories and memories to them.
    What a lovely looking garden you have.

  6. Beautiful to share plants and grow love!

  7. Exchanging or just giving plants is a lovely way to show love. The shamrock plant is one I've never seen before. It holds a special meaning for you as do so many plants in our own garden.

  8. You have green fingers ;) In French, we'ld say that you have a "green hand"... and it's a beautiful illustration for growth.

  9. Hi There, Just stopping by to say "Happy 4th of July".... Hope you have an incredible weekend whether you are traveling, with family or friends --or like us, just enjoying being home! We hope to grill a couple of steaks tomorrow. Our weather here is awesome right now...God Bless American --and God Bless YOU.

    It's great to get (and give) plants to friends. You can enjoy those plants for years and years--and each time you look at the plant, you think of that person. Neat, isn't it?????


  10. Growth. Plants. Friends.

    Nature is my best friend, so who am I to disagree?

    Nicki from Flowtops

  11. there's this quality to plants, i agree. they show us the way, and in this, they always eye pretty and cheerful. any plant too. they are quite little characters. n♥


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