Monday, July 7, 2014

Odds and ends of my life

We got a new microwave for over the stove.
We have had it for several months,
 but Mike wasn't looking forward to installing it,
so it sat in its box in the dining room.
I asked him if he could possibly have it in 
before my brother and sister-in-law's visit.
He did.
We are taking the older counter one 
to a rental we now have.

 Here again is the container with the shamrock plant and its shamrock leaves and pink flowers. I took two photos using a different setting on my camera for each.  Which one do you like best - 1 or 2?
Here's a close-up of the shamrocks--a better close-up than the one
in the other post.

This arrangement of potted plants are in the right-hand-corner
of the garage where it can be seen from the road
and especially coming up our driveway.

This is an old steel-toed boot of his dad's.
It was a 60th birthday present from his sister.
I thought I'd show some close-ups of it.

Close to it, in another planter, is this star and globe yard ornament.
You can see the wear and tear on it from the weather,
as I have had it a long time.

We have cherry tomatoes now,
but the other bigger tomatoes are still in progress.

This pic and the one below is of the huge planters that stand guard 
on each side of the swing set.
Here is what they looked like when I planted them.

Here is the front door although is it on the side of the house.
We use the back door and have company come through the back one also.

  I planted three flowering bushes in front
of some of the hostas.
I also hung two hummingbird feeders near-by.

This is a sun planter that my son got me years ago.
You can barely see the sun now.
I think that was also the  year he got his sun tattoo on his upper back.
Tim McGraw had a Cd out featuring the sun
and Doug really liked the picture and the Cd.

Each morning, after I hang the bird feeders,
I water the flowers and the tomato and pepper plants.
It is a soothing routine by which to start the day,
and it also gets my body moving (it tends to be quite stiff
first thing in the morning).

These are just odds and ends from my life.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. From Irish town, I love the Shamrock plant! And I need to get some Chicks and Hens started.

    The class I am starting next fall is a Reading Strategy class. I have taught two versions of this class before, but this is a different one--aligned with the Core Standards. I haven't taught this class for years--so my head is spinning with ideas and resources. (There were even things I had forgotten that I had written.)

  2. Wow Beth, I LOVE your flowers --all of them. They look so pretty in front of your home. I've said this several times --but I absolutely love your new home. You all have done such a good job fixing it up for your needs. Love the microwave...


  3. The flower beds and planters full of Summer flowers and greenery are looking lovely. The first pic of the shamrock plant looks clearer to me. I'm off to have an eye test for my eyesight problems this morning so I'm no judge. It's good to see the close-up shots. Love the boot - what a good idea! All your garden items have a personal significance and I'm glad you can get out first thing in the morning to help with your physical well being and it's relaxing too. Glad you got the microwave installed ok and you have delicious tomatoes already.


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