Saturday, April 24, 2010

How did I get here?

Ever feel like
different one
a "bed"
of the same?

That's me right now.
Six years ago
I was so certain that this is where I belonged,
and now?
I'm tired.
I know He is my strength.
some days I wish I could jump this bed
and grow over on the edge of the lawn
with the other flowers like me.



  1. and sometimes it is difficult to bloom where we are planted ... but He is our strength for sure!

  2. God delights in diversity. Each of us is unique, unlike anyone else. This can make us feel like we don't fit in sometimes.

    Yet we all follow the same Lord. We are made in His image. We enjoy the same saving grace. We face a common battle, a common enemy.

  3. Just when I think I have things figured out for the next stretch, it turns out I am wrong, wrong, wrong. Shaking my head, rolling my eyes, wishing, wishing, wishing. AND then, when I set into the new program, I find some good reasons... people I was supposed to meet is the main pleasure/ treasure. [Blogging? Didn't want to. And already have "met" some delightful folks, including this lovely lady who's receiving this post.]

  4. I found you from the comment on quoth she. What grade do you teach? I'm not far behind you in age, but I've been teaching 31 years! My mom was a non-traditional college student. She started teaching in her 40's too. Pretty cool if you ask me!


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