Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They "made up."

All's right with George and Scruffy. They made up. After she lost the scent of the dank, dirty, abandoned house ( dubbed the "cat house," it is presently the home of five cats), he was all huggy again.

She has been my shadow when I've been home. Has she learned her lesson? I doubt it. She's got a wild, curious side to her.
Not George! However, when he was a kitten he was into everything, and I named him George after the children's book character, Curious George the monkey. But one day his curiosity resulted in a fall of substantial distance. He's been a "scare-d-cat" ever since.

Thank you for all those thoughtful comments. My condolences to those of you who mentioned the loss of a much loved pet. I've had to say goodbye to two dogs due to terminal illness. Both were special and I still feel a tug at my heart when I run across a picture of Katie or Tasha. It's been 16 years since Katie graced this earth, and five for Tasha.

To my daughter who made me laugh at her remark about how I should thank the stray: The stray shows signs of living on more than field mice. He is clean with a nice coat of fur. He also is friendly with people. All of these are signs of him being cared for, so I do not need to adopt him. I don't think he lives at the cat house; I think he just "visits" the female cats. Fortunately, Scruffy had a visit to the vet as soon as she was old enough, so I don't have to worry about a future litter.

Just for fun:What's behind the naming of your pets?
I chose the name Katie for the Heinz 57 dog because I knew I would not be having a third child, and Katie was the name I would have used if I'd had another girl.
Tasha was named after Tasha Tudor, the illustrator for children's books--one of my favorite illustrators.


  1. If I got a pet it would be a hyperallergenic, non-shedding Terrier. And since terriers are so little I would absolutely name it Marmaduke. Therefore, my husband says No.

  2. you're beth, too ?

    are you beth ann ?....or elizabeth ?

    and we have a furry love who is sophie maxine....but my sister's new dog is...stella melba fudge !!! that the best or what ?

  3. That is the best name! Wow--stella melba fudge! Surely there's a story there.
    Sophie Maxine--I've not used middle names with pets---hmmm--rather cool.
    As for my name: It's Elizabeth Anne. Elizabeth is a family name on my mom's side. However, she fell in love with the name Beth when reading Little Women, so she put Elizabeth as my first name, not as the traditional middle name, and promptly shortened it to Beth. She only called me Elizabeth Anne when I was in trouble.


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