Monday, April 26, 2010

. . . if you love one another.

    "By this all men will
know that you are my disciples,
if you love one another."
     John 13:35

Thanks for the "love." 
          Please pray for me
             and thus be
         the pink annd green
         in my tangled brown
             as I strive
               to love
      three very difficult young men
      who are tough on every teacher
           at my high school,
           but have singled me
            out particularly.

   You see, I won't be "their mother." 
    I'm "the mother" at school. 
      But they're too messed up
     for me to get that involved. 
        They are devious
       and could set me up
          for a fall. 
    Yet . . . they want my mothering.
  They also want to treat me shoddily
 just like they do or did their mothers.
    I won't stand for it ---
    there lies the problem.
        God did provide us
         with a principal
           this year
       who will stand up
      against the bullies.
         Most of us
        are thankful
        for this man--
       I certainly am.


  1. yep, you all could use some prayer all right.
    i can do that.

  2. you are covered in prayer and blessings of wisdom and peace ...


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