Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday's prayer and Zip-lining

This is one our guides (Steve) getting ready to shove me off into the air.  Mike and I took a "Canopy Tour" while on vacation in Hocking Hills in Ohio.  We went zipping through the trees on zip lines and also walked over 4 suspended bridges ( we were still hooked onto a line).  I was nervous, but I really wanted to experience being that high.  I love trees---something so majestic, mysterious, awesome and well they just smack of God to me!  Our two guides were in their early twenties and were funny, helpful, and encouraging.  I am so happy that I braved it.

Here I'm coming onto the platform.   The other guide is there ready to grab me if I need help.  They had a terrific set up for taking off and landing on the platforms that were built around the trees high up.

Our group.  The ones wearing the yellow hats are our guides.  Mike and I are in the far left hand corner.
The woman and her two boys (up by the guides) were from Ohio, but she was originally from Russia and they spoke Russian.  The young man in front of Mike and me and the man in the red spent half of each year in Russia and half in New York City.  I really didn't get to find out more.  The guy in the red did not speak English, so she translated everything to him.  We all got along, encouraged each other, and had a blast!  The fastest we zipped was about 35 miles per hour.


                   Now on to my weekly prayer to help us all begin our weeks.  This one is especially good for me as I start school on Tuesday.  It's by Stormy Omartian and from one of her prayer books.
                             When I Need to Stand Strong in Times of Weakness

Lord, help me to be strong in You. 
Forgive me if I have ever been hesitant to publicly say that You are my Lord and I believe in You for fear of the criticism or judgement of others.
Help me to stand strong in the midst of opposition or discrimination of any kind.
Protect me from gossip or disgrace.
Keep my reputation safe from the criticism of those who may want to ruin it.
Thank You that I am Your child, and I don't need to be ashamed of anything that happens in my life, for You are either bringing restoration to that area or have allowed it for a great purpose that will be revealed.


The Lord God will help me; therefore I will not be disgraced; therefore I have set my face like a flint, and I know that I will not be ashamed.   Isaiah 50:7

                                               Blessings to you as you begin this week!


                                           This picture is simply a view from the top!

The line you see is an emergency zip line down to the ground.  They have them at every tree
 in case someone needs to get down immediately or is hurt and needs to taken down.



  1. i had fun looking at the pictures!

  2. Zip lines are the 'thing' now --aren't they??? I've never seen one --but have read all about it... My cousin did it last year --somewhere in NC.

    You are brave to do it... I probably would have done it if I had have been younger and 'lighter'... ha ... Proud of you though..


  3. What fun ... admire your sense of adventure!

  4. Ditto what Susan said. You're a brave soul! I loved seeing the photos.

  5. Good for you!!! I've kind of wanted to do something like that cable ride for years... and yet I'm strongly afraid of height. So, that would be a challenge, but I'd love it!


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