Wednesday, January 5, 2011


clothes, furniture, ideas, attitudes
making room for each other
as we become a couple again
instead of on weekends
(sometimes it was every other weekend)

we lived alone before we lived together
and we were both good at being alone
i believe wholeheartedly
that alone need not be lonely

i learned after my divorce
that only when i become comfortable
 being with myself
 can  i truly be comfortable with others
some days i'm more comfortable with me than other days

i still have lots to learn
but i'd rather be alone with no one else in the house
than live with someone and still feel alone
"i've been there, done that"

i am missing him
he's back in cinci consulting for his old company
and checking on the house--
 the first open house looms ahead this weekend

normally he has to wear headphones
for football games
for tv---period
you see, he likes sound
i have sound overload all day long
 i crave quiet in the evenings
some on weekends

tuesday night
 he would not have had to wear head phones
for i put away the lessons
and the work to be graded
curled up in his spot on the couch
with his warm 'throw blanket'
two cats
 and some cookies
and let the ohio state/arkansas game
blare throughout the house

i stayed up and watched
the WHOLE game
four hours of sleep was the result
but ---
ohio state beat an sec team
broke a record
that needed breaking 

i'm glad i sacrificed sleep
to see 
the interception that sealed the game
coach tresler dodge the gatorade

this house is tiny
only one comfortable spot for watching tv
it's the same comfortable spot for grading

love makes that possible
love makes it worthwhile

the house feels empty without him
good--it should

"Finally, all [of you] should be of one and the same mind (united in spirit),
sympathizing [with one another],
loving [each other]as brethren [of one household],
compassionate and courteous (tenderhearted and humble)."
I Peter 3:8

I'm joining emily w. at imperfect prose


  1. I can feel your heart for this man of yours ... a loving heart.

  2. I think adapting and changing are constants in our lives. Just when we think we've settled into a routine - something changes.
    One of the biggest changes for us was when my husband was no longer working. Adjusting to being home all the time was a bit difficult for both of us.
    You are right Beth - love makes it worthwhile.
    This was wonderful.

  3. You're right about needing to be comfortable with aloneness. Of knowing we are loved before we can love...

    ...and I look forward to seeing what your kitties are up to each week : )

  4. smiles...growing together...and watching that game was huge to him i bet...

  5. I agree so much that alone need not be lonely... I love that you're missing him, and that you're navigating couple-hood. Funny how we meander through different parts of life the way we do...

  6. unity
    what a good message
    one that started in my reading yesterday
    and continues here today.

    i am enjoying your cat header photos.

  7. Hi Beth, Yes--it is an adjustment for sure. I was single (after my divorce) for 20 yrs. My friends never thought that I (since I was always a work-aholic) would EVER get married again...

    But --I did and YES---there have been major adjustments for both of us. However, I wouldn't change it for the world.... My life with George is incredible --and I'm sure that you two feel the same way...

    Glad he is HOME for good now... Hallelujah!!!

  8. okay... I'm totally going to have to steal that headphone idea!!

    what love you write...really .

  9. Beautifully put, together with the scripture, this is a lovely post.
    Glad you could unwind in that way after a busy day, too.
    May the Lord guide you into times of refreshing. May He give you grace in your relationship with those you love.

  10. this is so beautiful. i love the love you share. i love that you stayed up to watch the whole game with him. xo

  11. Your words capture such warmth.
    I feel the love you share between you through them.

  12. This is so is all about compromise and making it work, isn't it?


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