Sunday, January 2, 2011

Being goofy among other things and Monday's prayer

 This was taken on 'Mismatch Day'.  The week that we observed our school's newly reorganized
club against drugs, texting when driving, and anything that can have disastrous results, we had a different theme for each day.  (I just made a mishmash of what the club stands for---I'll get the acronym and the
explanation from the co-leaders tomorrow and share it with you all.)

Anyhow I participated in all but the camouflage day. I didn't have any such clothing nor did my husband or son or neighbor.  A lot of the teachers participated each day,  in support of our librarian and school aide, the co-leaders. They are much loved, respected, and appreciated.  
 Less teachers participated on this day.  But I thought it would be fun and I worked at keeping it within
my school wardrobe, yet funky.  A lot of my kids got a kick out of my outfit and that I'd be goofy
enough to participate.  Sometimes I can be really, really serious and really, really stern.  The size of my classes and the fact that I have special needs students in some large classes without any help, necessitates
seriousness and sternness---at times.

But I need to be goofy too. 

As I align my head and heart for heading back to the classroom tomorrow, I'm thinking about serious, stern, and goofy (and other moods/attitudes also).  Above all, I want to be 'Christlike'---in attitude, actions, words, body language, facial expressions, thoughts---everything.  That is my prayer.

Later this week I will share my word for 2011, but tonight I leave you with Monday's Prayer.  I got a new book over the holiday break--bought it for myself.  It's another Stormie Omartian book.  Her prayers reach down deep inside me where feelings and desires are tucked away ---ones that need to be brought to the surface---out in the open.  She is down to earth--real---a woman speaking to whomever will listen.

However this book is especially for women.  It's called The Power of Praying: HELP FOR A WOMAN'S JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE.    Sounds like something a lot of us could use, huh?!  It's a small paperback packed full of 'God Inspiration'.

Here's the prayer to begin the first full week of 2011.


May Your love manifested in me be a witness of Your greatness.
Teach me to love others the way You do.
Soften my heart where it has become hard.
Make me fresh where I have become stale.
Lead me and instruct me where I have become unteachable.
Make me to be faithful, giving, and obedient the way Jesus was.

May Your light so shine in me that I become a light to all who know me.
Make me to be so much like Christ that when people see me they will want to know You better.

In Jesus' name I pray.

And as always she accompanies the prayer with scripture.  In this book she uses the heading:
Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,
casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.  I Peter 5: 6 - 7

This picture looks like I'm dancing, but I'm not.  I was starting to point out my mismatched socks
when the librarian snapped the picture.  I like to do at least 3 pics at a time, so since I only have 3
of this day, this one gets included.

Blessings to you all as you begin this week!


  1. I agree: Sometimes goofy is good! Love your outfit!! When I taught, we had similar theme days, and I always tried to participate. It was fun, and my students really got a kick out of it. I guess my latest post was a little goofy, too!

    On a serious note, I really liked the prayer you posted; those lines really are the desire of my heart for this new year.

    Hope your first day back at school goes smoothly. Happy New Year!

  2. I can readily say "AMEN" to that prayer ...

    have a good week!

  3. goofy day sounds fun.
    cj goes back to school on tuesday.
    tomorrow is a curriculum day.


  4. You are adorably mismatched! Back to school already? May you have grace for each day...

  5. Loved the calendar post. I had Jory look at it too. Your son in law has plenty of Camo - too bad we don't live closer!

  6. May the Lord guide you each moment this week, at home and at school.

  7. Oh how cute, Beth.... I love Mismatch Day. You look adorable.... I think teachers should participate... Even though we have to be STERN as teachers, the kids still need to know that we are human and that we love life. I LOVE your outfit....

  8. You look so cute in your mismatched outfit, Beth...good for you! Glad you could break out of the stern and serious mode for a bit...goofy is good! thanks for the Monday prayer...and the scripture about humbling ourselves. :)

  9. "Casting all your cares upon Him" is one of my favorite verses. Hope you enjoy your Mismatch Day - I wish we did that in college too. Sounds fun :)

    I've been taking a break from blogging over the holidays, but I wanted to thank you for your wonderful, wonderful comment on my blog! (I felt the pull to adopt a basenji too... but I'm not sure Lady would be very happy with that idea!) Your words encouraged me so very much :) It was like an early Christmas present.

  10. That is quite an outfit Beth!! I'm sure your students liked it. I think you are just the right blend of attitudes to be an excellent teacher. You have my deep admiration.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. I have been thinking a lot about being "light" in a darkened world. I think it was all the beautiful lights of Christmas - touching something in my heart.

  11. love the goofy look, beth! so fun! you pull it off well. :) and the prayer at the end speaks loud. thank you friend, for how you bless.

  12. Love the pictures.... always good to have fun!


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