Thursday, January 27, 2011

home with midterms

icy rain
caused two-hour delay
snow storm bearing down
canceled school

up and dressed
flat iron hot
i was surprised
when phone rang again

two cups coffee
one protein/vitamin shake
coursing through system
body movement good 
considering chilled air

too awake to sleep
sweats i don
 cuddly throw i grab
in recliner i curl

with scruffy on lap
i grab a folder
and orange pen:
grading begins

midterms tucked in six folders
140 tests in all

hubby helped me grade
sweet of him
don't ya think?

wish i wouldn't procrastinate
but again i did

there are a few tests unfinished
so can't be graded--
students absent
while school  in session
temporary incompletes

the rest are done
grades are in
asleep i go

oh, by the way
i strongly dislike tests
midterm tests are required
actually--double ugg!


  1. You had a productive snow day!

  2. smiles. i dont like tests either, but they come...on a 2 hour delay ourselves this morning...hopemine is as productive...

  3. That's a lot of snow! But I'm glad Scruffy and your husband helped you with that monotonous task...

  4. I had a hard time taking my eyes off the new photo in your banner ...

  5. oooh, I always chastise myself for procrastinating, though your grading in cozy recliner actually sounded appealing! :)

  6. your new photo is stunning! my daughter will be jealous as she has been praying for a snow day. so far God has not seen fit to grant her request. :)

  7. nice header photograph...simple, smooth, lovely.

    i was a teacher's aid, for a yea,r just after college. it was a job i was able to get in my hometown. i graded a lot of papers. lots of red ink. i was called miss. nancy.

    glad you had the help of your main man.

  8. Your banner is wonderful! I'm sure it's relief to have all the tests graded! I never liked grading papers, either - especially midterms and finals. Enjoy your snow days!

  9. I love your photographs! Looks like those snow days have come in handy for the creative juices! More than grading papers going on with you I see. :) It does make me feel young to have a good snow frolic.

    Maybe all this snow will give you even more time to catch up on whatever you've left behind :). Blessings to you.

  10. This was delightful Beth. It flowed right along, and drew me into your day - yucky tests and all!

  11. Gee --it's hard to be a teacher during this treacherous winter weather, isn't it Beth????? I'm surprised that the kids learn much of anything.

    IF anything good came from this for you ---it was the fact that you (and hubby) could get your tests graded....

    Good Luck.

  12. Sounds cozy, all bundled up in blankets and paper...and a lovely friend at your side.

  13. what a good hubby you have, helping you mark... i love that you cuddled up and took advantage of the day. thank you for all that you do for these students, friend.


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