Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday's prayer

i am in cinci.  i do have some access to the internet, i forgot my camera media card adapter and so can't download pics.  i'm using my husband's notebook.  that's why i'm not capitalizing--it's a bit of a pain. 

i watched the hallmark channel's movie tonight--starring betty white and jennifer love-hewett.  it was about a woman who never gave up on her husband returning home and 66 years after he left, his body was brought back from an island on which his plane crashed while fightinng the japanese.

the scene where she's on the porch with her baby and the western union man came on his bicycle to deliver the telegram--well it gave me an idea of what my mother must have felt when the telegram was delivered to her telling her that my dad was missing in action.  as i've said before, he had told her to not believe he was dead --that he could be a pow.  and he was.  this woman resolutely says that 'my husband is not dead--he's missing in action." it turns out he wasn't; he survived the crash, but later died while helping the natives fight the japanese.

it was a tear jerker, but good.  betty white was marvelous, esp as she greets the casket at the train station where she has waited every valentine's day for 66 years.  wow.  talk about love!

i'm sitting here thinking of the love that lived in this house.  it looks more like a hotel now.  all of the stuff that identified it as our home has been packed up and either put in storage or taken to the b'ville home (mostly storage).   i can feel the love that we shared here and still have for each other.

 this year has brought us to another phase of our lives.  i was fearful of it, but shouldn't have been.    he quoted the jerry mcquire movie at our reception "she completes me" shocking everyone because he wasn't one to be publicly sentimental.   he completes me also and so we do best when together (not an every moment type thing, but  being able to come home to each other every night). 

i guess i'm feeling a bit sappy right now.  i'm  remembering the first time i visited here.  the time i sat down on the floor in the living room,sobbing after the phone call that told me mama had gone into a coma--probably from a brain hemorage due to the leukemia.  of the thanksgiving dinners here and mom and dad staying here, then just dad.  he told me he only slept when he was at my house.  i'm not sure why, but he could get rest here after mama died. 

i could go on and on, but tomorrow is a busy day--some shopping and a doctor's appt., then we head home.  we came because i had a doctor's appt. with my fibromyalgia specialist.  i will try to get a new one this summer, but i don't want to do that when teaching in case the new doctor wants to change meds.  i react to meds sometimes drastically, so med changing has to be done on summer break.

anyhow, i have the prayer of the week.  please send up a prayer for my sub.  she's a sweet girl who will have her hands full 2nd and 3rd period (9--10-45).

Time for Monday's Prayer:
from stormie omartian's book that i've been using lately: the power of praying, help for a woman's journey through life.

"find power in His name"

Power to save, deliver, heal, provide, protect, and so much more. There is also great power in each of God's names, and when spoken with faith, love, understanding, and reverence, it brings a blessing and increases your faith.
God's name is always a safe place to run to any time you need help.  If you are sick, run to your Healer.  If you can't pay your bills, run to your Provider.  If you are afraid, run to your Hiding Place.  If your are going through a dark time, run to your Everlasting Light.  By speaking His name with reverence and thanksgiving, you invite HIM  to be that to you."  (p.43)

Lord, I thank You that there is power in Your name.  Thank You that Jesus has been given "the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow." (Philippians 2:9-10).
Help me to remember Your name is a strong tower I can always run to.  In Jesus' name I pray.

-------------GOD'S PROMISE--------------------
The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.
                           Proverbs 18:10

Blessings to you as you begin your week!  I will be back at my computer tomorrow night.


  1. Beautiful words. They made me think of the old hymn, "He's everything to me, from sin He sets me free. His peace and love my portion throughout eternity. He's everything to me, more than I dreamed could be. Oh praise His name forever, He's everything to me."

  2. I love the "love" memories of houses. Thank you for sharing. I know about praying for subs--usually my own! I'm on "ice" day today, so I'll pray for your's today!

  3. Hi Beth, I too saw that movie last night, and commented on it in my blog this morning. It was FABULOUS ---all of it... The music, the old radio, the sprinklers, etc... ALL brought back memories to me. I cried like a baby at the end --and even George got a little teary... It touched my soul....

    Hope you have a good doctor's appointment--and get back home safely.

    Have you sold your home there yet --or have any good prospects?

    Have a great day.


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