Friday, January 14, 2011

The house and the end of week Psalm

 Project: Write for five minutes to a photo prompt of your choosing--no editing--simply writing.
Here goes:
You can barely see the house, but it is huge.  I took this photo while barely stopping the car driving home from school on an early dismissal day due to snow.
I drove past this house countless times in my teens.  There's two ways to the lake from my hometown and this is one of them.   There used to be a humongous tree on the corner where you turn to head to the marina and the other side of the lake.  I always knew I was close when I saw that tree.  I don't remember noticing the house, just the tree.  Now it's the house I notice.  Someone still keeps the grounds up, but no sign of life from inside for at least three years if not more.   Paint is peeling, but otherwise it looks in good shape.
I wonder what happened?  What family grew up here?  Did they have a big farm on land that now is dotted with smaller homes?  Why does no one live in it, but yet someone cares enough to maintain it?  It looks lonely. Just like the show on TV, I'd love to hear these walls talk.  I bet they have some glorious stories.

Part of Lisa's-Jo's five minute prompt

Well the second week of school of the new year is over and we teachers and students are feeling the crunch.

Next week are midterms, the end of the second nine weeks, and a deadline of short assessment tests.  These latter tests are to be accompanied with a full scale chart of what OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) standard each question met and what percentage of students missed each question; then we are to break it down into economically disadvantaged  and special needs students, so the district's "Race to the Top" team can put together stats.

 Four hours was added to the last short assessment test's grading because of that chart and I didn't do the disadvantanged and special needs break down, because he only asked for that after the young teacher with social issues,  who lives with her parents, and only goes out with her sister once in a long while, thought adding that to hers might help her relationship with the principal.  Oh it impressed him, but also got her lots of razzing by other teachers (not me).  There are two other single teachers, but they're older, have their own homes they maintain, and are very active in their extended families (nephew, neices, etc.), plus they do a lot with friends.

She is the teacher who is a thorn in my flesh because she's the only other one in my department and she doesn't want to do team work.  Her idea of team work is her choosing the source of questions, then choosing the questions, typing them out and handing me the hard copy as she enters the questions on the Smart Board's computer.  I'm supposed to nod my head in approval, then show up with my class, and share in the principal's approval at our 'joint project.'  I didn't receive that well and she didn't receive my reaction well. 
I tried to reach a compromise--an understanding-- a reconciliation, but she responded with a resounding "No!"  From here on she will do her work; I can do mine, and when he insists we share the hard copies with each other, then we will.  Other than that she sees no point in having any kind of relationship.  Great.  (Did I mention that she does not take any kind of criticism well---even constructive?)

Then a student got mad at me and stormed out when I got irritated with the fact that he asked me to spell a state.  Seeing as there was only one question on the test that required a state for an answer, he thus had announced the answer to 29 other students. 

Talk about words undoing you: I had complained of that student to another teacher the day before, and she immediately went to him and told him.  Since he's constantly trying to get my attention, finding out that he's not my favorite student by a long shot injured him deeply.  Thus he came into my room 'loaded for bear' as the saying goes.  My prep period was spent in a mediation process with the counselor (the principal is gone on a wedding anniversary trip) and it's to continue with the principal on Tuesday (no school on Monday).

So it's with heavy heart I turn to my Psalm part of my blog.  I'm choosing to write several of the ones that appear at the bottom of the pages in my Psalm section of my Bible.

"I bless You, Lord, because You have not rejected my prayer or removed Your mercy
and loving-kindness from me."   Psalm 66:20

"God, I am trusting in, leaning on, and relying on You; trusting You at all times.
You are a fortress and a high tower for me!"   Psalm 62:8

"God, I will release the weight of my burdens and cast them on You, knowing that You will sustain me.
I declare, God, that You will not allow the righteous to be moved!"   Psalm 55:22

"God, I thank You that You have redeemed my life from the battles that are against me."  Psalm 55:18

"Lord, I will thank You and confide in You forever because You have delivered me and kept me safe.
I will wait on, hope in, and expect in Your name because it is good."  Psalm 52:9

"Thank You, God, for being my helper and my ally."   Psalm 54:4

Blessings to you this weekend!

[Our five-year-old grandson is with us.  He spent the night and will spend most of this day (Saturday).
We've not had him alone before, so it was his turn.  He's quite charming when he's not trying to compete with his three-year-old little sister (the Irish lass as I call her).]


  1. It looks like a pretty place, and it seems a shame no one lives there.

  2. Hi Beth, First of all, what was another teacher (any other teacher) talking to a student about a conversation you had with her?? That is so unprofessional... As a teacher, you don't ever talk to students about other teachers or what they have said or not said....

    Also---That young teacher doesn't sound as if she needs help or constructive criticism.. That's kinda the attitude I notice these days in so many young adults. They know it ALL and don't want any help from someone who has been around awhile... What a shame--and what a bad attitude she has...

    I'd love to know the background on that big house you talk about... Wonder why it is empty now??? Sounds like a great house for someone to buy and fix up.

    Great Psalms...

  3. I often wonder the same thing about big old empty houses I drive by. I like to picture their stories and the people who loved them once upon a time. Yes, if only those walls could talk!

    Thanks for playing along!


  4. there are so many more farm houses in the midwest and the east compared to oregon. a lot older barns in the east as well. the house photo is pretty, being a white house with all the snow.

    blessings to you as well and thank you for your comments lately.

    it is wonderful that your grandson is getting some very special grandparent time.

    i never have liked school, ever. from first grade on up. well, i did like the two years art college. it was not the learning that i disliked, it was the school. it was always hard for me to learn all the dates and names. i am a terribly slow reader. and i believe that the way i learned was not the way i was taught. but, i survived it and did not do to bad, considering my flaws. some of the teachers i loved, and some were real jerks. my first teacher was my 1st grade teacher, mrs. lamont. a tiny sparrow of a woman, old with white hair, as a sweet as honey. i loved her. and a fourth grade teacher, mr. gaccamo, was round with red cheeks and very nice, he always read to us at the end of the day, i loved him too. there was a seventh grade geography teacher, she was just plain rude and mean, a sour old thing...i hated being in the same room with her. back when kids sat in the seat and didn't get to move or talk. i could hardly wait for the bell to ring each and every day in grade school.

    well, i have gone on...

    have a good weekend, gal.

  5. winter storms appear in heart as well ... so glad you know the source and giver of peace

    hope this week goes well

  6. You did a wonderful job with the five minute challenge Beth. I love old houses (even the abandoned ones) and, like you, try to imagine what went on within those walls. To me they are like a living presence (I have a HUGE imagination).
    I'm so sorry about all the difficulties you're having at school. I think Susan's comment is perfect. I'll be praying that everything will work out for the best next week.
    Enjoy that little one!


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